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Label Me! Endocrine System READ pgs )

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1 Label Me! Endocrine System READ pgs. 667 - 671)
Copy the bold sentences on page 667 – 2. Define endocrine glands - 3. What carries the hormones throughout the body? 4. Define hormone - 5. What are cells that recognize the hormone;'s chemical structure and fit together with hormones? The endocrine system produces chemicals that control many of the body’s daily activities. The endocrine system also regulates long-term changes such as growth and development. Produce and release their chemical products directly into the bloodstream. The blood The chemical product of an endocrine gland. Target cells Label Me!

2 7. What works like a heating system turning on and off?
Links the nervous & endocrine systems and controls the pituitary gland a.. hypothalamus b. Pituitary gland - c. Thyroid d. Parathyroid - e. Thymus – f. Adrenal g. Pancreas h. Ovaries i Testes 7. What works like a heating system turning on and off? 8. Define negative feedback - Master gland that controls other glands and growth Controls the release of energy from food molecules inside cells. Regulate the amount of calcium in the blood. Helps develop the immune system during childhood Triggers the body’s response to emergencies. Affect salt & Water balance in kidneys and sugar in blood Produces insulin and glucagon that control glucose in blood. Release female sex hormones such as estrogen Male sex hormone, produces testosterone Negative Feedback When the amount of a particular hormone in the blood reaches a certain level, the endocrine system sends signals that stop the release of that hormone.

3 label me! 24. What does the brainstem do?
The Nervous System - pgs 9. Wirte the bold sentences on pg. 626 – 10. What is the difference between a stimulus and a response? 11. Give an example of a stimulus and a response 12. What are nerve cells called? 13. This neuron picks up stimuli from the internal and external environment and turns it into nerve impulses. ____________________________________. 14. This neuron is usually in the brain and spinal cord and carries impulses from one neuron to the next. _______________________ The NS receives info about what is happening both inside and outside your body. It also directs the way in which your body responds to this info. In addition, your NS helps maintain homeostasis. A stimulus is a change in the environment that can make an organism react. A response is what your body does in reaction to a stimulus A buzzing fly is a stimulus, a swat to the fly is a response. Neurons Sensory interneuron 15. This neuron sends an impulse to a muscle or gland . 16. What is a nerve impulse? 17. This nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord _____________________. 18. This nervous system includes all the nerves ________________________________. motor The message a neuron carries Central label me! peripheral Dendrites Axon Terminal 19. Define brain - 20. Define spinal cord 21. The three main parts of the brain are the Cerebrum, Cerebellum, an d_______________________. 22. What does the cerebrum do? 23. What does the cerebellum do ? 24. What does the brainstem do? 25. What nervous system controls voluntary actions? 26. What nervous system controls involuntary actions? 27. What is a reflex? 28. Controls most functions in the body Thick column of nervous tissue that links the brain to the nerves Brain stem Cell body It interprets input from the senses, controls mvmt, and carries out processes such as learning and remembering. AXON Nucleus Coordinates actions of your muscles and helps you keep your balance. Controls the involuntary actions Somatic Autonomic An automatic response that occurs rapidly and without conscious control.

4 Give an example of a reflex – blinking
29. In some reflex actions, skeletal muscles contract without the involvement of the ____brain_______. 30. A bruise-like injury of the brain is called a ____________________. 31 How can someone become paralyzed? Concussion If their spinal cord becomes cut or crushed

5 Reproduction Name the male sex hormone and the two female sex hormones. _____________________TESTOSTERONE; ESTROGEN & PROGESTERONE___________________________________________________ What is the function of the placenta? TO PROVIDE NUTRIENTS TO THE BABY – A CONNECTION BETWEEN THE FETUS AND MOTHER________________________________________________________________________ During the menstrual cycle, where does the ovum mature? _OVARIES_______________________ How many chromosomes are found in a human gamete ( sex cell)? ___23______________________ How many eggs are released and fertilized when identical twins are born? ___1_________ Fraternal twins? _____2__________ Which male reproductive structure produces sperm? _______TESTES______________________ Which structure in males is part of both the reproductive system and the excretory system? ___________URETHRA_____________________________________________________ What is a zygote? _______THE FERTILIZED EGG_________________________________________________ What is fertilization? ___JOINING OF EGG AND SPERM___________________________________________________ Where does fertilization take place? __FALLOPIAN TUBES________________________________________ Where does the fertilized egg develop? ____UTERUS___________________________________ What is the scrotum? _POUCHLIKE SAC CONTAINING THE TESTES_____________________________________________________ ***You must be able to label the following reproductive structures on a diagram: testes, ovaries, urethra, uterus, and Fallopian tubes.

6 Menopause – stage when a woman stops her period and is no longer able to reproduce.
The sperm determines the sex of the child using the x or y chromosome.

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