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CRC Cards (class-responsibility-collaborator)

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1 CRC Cards (class-responsibility-collaborator)

2 CRC Cards introduced in 1989 by Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham
designed to teach object oriented programming at Tektronix a CRC card is an index card in a group setting used to represent: a class of objects their behavior their interactions CRC Cards

3 CRC Card format CRC Cards

4 CRC definitions responsibility: knowledge class maintains or service class provides collaborator: a class whose knowledge or services are needed to fulfill a responsibility CRC Cards

5 Methodology involves a creative exchange:
physical simulation of the workings of the system participants “become” one or more objects during walk-throughs of typical scenarios classes are discovered and converted into cards responsibilities are assigned collaborators for each responsibility are identified CRC Cards

6 Advantages portable: cards can be used anywhere, even away from the computer or office anthropomorphic: no computer program can capture the essence of the interactions forced by passing the cards level of involvement felt by each team member increases useful throughout the life cycle CRC Cards

7 More advantages provides a basis for more formal analysis and design methodologies serves as input to a formal method (i.e., a starting point) ease the transition from process orientation to object orientation - most formal methods are overwhelming gives a general bound on the size of a class - a card CRC Cards

8 Exercise create CRC cards for a library CRC Cards

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