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An Environmental Balance

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1 An Environmental Balance
Chp 2-4

2 Earth’s Physical Geography
Atmosphere- blanket of air surrounding the earth Lithosphere- earth’s land areas Hydrosphere- all water on earth Biosphere- all living things and their environment in which they live

3 Atmosphere and Air pollution
Fumes and chemicals from cars and factories pollute the air Air pollution also includes more solid particles such as ash or dust Air can become harmful to breathe GLOBAL EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION a. Global warming b. Ozone depletion c. Acid rain

4 Atmosphere and Air pollution
Air pollution can affect the ozone layer- this layer serves as a protective shield as it filters out harmful rays from the Sun Acid rain kills fish and eats away from the surface of buildings- it can destroy entire forests

5 Lithosphere Everything we use comes from land resources
To get these resources, top soil must be removed, which can results in harmful effects on the environment

6 Biosphere The more we expand, the more we disturb ecosystems
Ecosystems: places where the plants and animals are dependent upon one another and their surroundings for survival Ecosystems are found everywhere in the world

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