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1 TYPES OF POETRY Are about… different methods of expressing personal feelings and opinions in writing.

2 LYRIC POETRY a poem that expresses the feelings or thoughts of a speaker rather than telling a story Ex) “The Courage That My Mother Had” by Edna St. Vincent Millay Ex) “Point of View” by Shel Silverstein

3 NARRATIVE POETRY a poem that tells a story
Ex) “Paul Revere’s Ride” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Ex) “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

4 EPIC POETRY a long narrative poem that tells the deeds of a heroic character Ex) Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey Ex) Beowulf [English] Ex) John Milton’s Paradise Lost [English] Ex) The Song of Roland [French] Ex) The Song of Hiawatha [American]

5 BALLAD a song or poem that tells a story of tragedy or adventure
regular rhythm and rhyme repetition Ex) “The Cremation of Sam McGee” by Robert W. Service

6 FREE VERSE poetry without a regular meter or rhyme scheme
tries to capture natural rhythms of ordinary conversations Ex) “Legacy II” by Leroy V. Quintana Ex) “Grandpa” by Shandin Pete

7 HAIKU focus on nature 17 syllables in 3 lines
5, 7, and 5 Ex) The young artist takes pains to paint a masterpiece: a smiling pumpkin

8 CINQUAIN from Latin for “five” creates a powerful image or feeling
22 syllables in 5 lines 2, 4, 6, 8, and 2 Ex) Snowflakes dance in the square of light from a window as a man sits, quiet and still, and waits.

9 LIMERICKS short humorous poem 5 lines rhyme scheme: aabba
Ex) There once was a poodle named Rose Who liked to dance on her toes. She twirled and she spun, Had barrels of fun, Until she fell on her nose. ~Emma Janeczko

10 CONCRETE POETRY a poem shaped in a way that visually represents its subject Example) ~Maureen W. Armour

11 SONNET Shakespearean Petrarch 14 lines Iambic pentameter (-/-/-/-/-/)
Rhyme Scheme: ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GG Petrarch 14 lines Iambic pentameter (-/-/-/-/-/) Rhyme Scheme: ABBA, ABBA, CDCDCD ABBA, ABBA, CDECDE

12 So what? What is important to understand about this?
Alabama Course of Study ELA Standard #27 Express personal feelings, opinions, and information in formal and informal situations. Alabama Course of Study ELA Reading Addendum Standard #3 Distinguish among the sub-categories of poetry based on their characteristics.

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