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What is the purpose of learning musical elements?

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1 What is the purpose of learning musical elements?
The importance of the basics of music education

2 In the beginning…. In order to learn music, you must learn the following elements of music: Time signature What a note value looks like What is a sharp, flat or natural How to play the note on the instrument What it sounds like

3 Time signatures A time signature is a part of music that tells you the value of music according to the writer. Example: 4/4 2/4 C 2/2

4 Clefs Music commonly comes in two different clefs, the treble clef and the bass clef. The treble clef is written for the woodwind instruments like the flute, clarinet, saxophone. It is also written for the high brass instruments like trumpets and baritones(treble clef only).

5 Bass clef Bass clef is primarily written for low brass instruments like tuba, trombone, baritones, euphoniums. Also some percussion instruments use bass clefs like timpani’s.

6 Note values There are different types of note values like the quarter note, half note, whole note, eighth note and sixteenth note and dotted notes.

7 Quarter note The quarter note has the value of 1 beat per measure in general time units like 4/4, ¾, c, etc.

8 The Whole note The whole note will get all the full value of the beats per measure, meaning in the time of 4/4, the whole note will get 4 beats per measure.

9 Half notes The half note will get only 2 beats per measure. This will usually receive that number of beats in times of 4/4, ¾. In time of 2/2, it will get the same but will be treated as a whole note.

10 Eighth notes and Sixteenth notes
Eighth notes in music will get ½ a beat, or ½ a quarter note beat. In sixteenth notes, the sixteenth notes will receive ½ the beat of a eighth note, or ¼ a quarter note.

11 Finding the notes Each student will receive a fingering chart with their method book to show how to play the note.

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