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Bellringer 9-10-10 1.Turn to your Lecture Notes section…

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1 Bellringer 9-10-10 1.Turn to your Lecture Notes section…


3 Redwood NP -California -380 feet high and 26 feet in diameter

4 Restoration Colonies II Describe the development of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Georgia

5 I. Restoration Colonies D. Pennsylvania 1. Sir William Penn 2. William Penn asks for land a. Wanted Quaker safe haven b. Quaker beliefs caused persecution i. Inner light, pacifism c. NJ did not work for them


7 I. Restoration Colonies 3. King Charles agrees – must name it after Sir Penn 4. “Holy Experiment” plan a. Complete religious and political freedom b. Treat Natives justly i. Philadelphia c. Penn would live in the colony


9 I. Restoration Colonies d. Made their own constitution in which all land-owners and tax- payers could vote e. Later changed – 50 acres and belief in Jesus Christ f. Colony grew quickly – 1700 Philadelphia as big as NYC and Boston

10 I. Restoration Colonies E. Delaware 1. Founded by Sweden in 1638 2. Dutch take it from Sweden 3. English take it from Dutch 4. Penn buys three counties south of PA from Duke of York, and it becomes Delaware


12 I. Restoration Colonies F. Georgia 1. Reasons for Colony a. Buffer from Spanish FL b. Place for debtors 2. James Oglethorpe and 19 Trustees 3. Special Regulations a. No alcohol and no slaves 4. Economic problems – King takes over in 1752

13 Homework/Classwork -One sheet of paper -Make a chart that includes each colony, when it began, how it began, and a word/phrase that in your mind represents the most important part of that particular colony.

14 Bellringer 09-10-10 Have a seat and clear your desk of everything except a pen or pencil.

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