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The End of Neutrality for the U.S. and The End is Near.

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1 The End of Neutrality for the U.S. and The End is Near

2 End of Neutrality for the U.S. (pages 674-676) Lusitania is sunk killing 128 Americans. Sussex Pledge Broken Zimmerman Telegram published. Russia overthrew their Monarchy & established a democracy. (We believe Democracy against autocracy, which means rule by one person with unlimited power.) German U-boats sank 4 U.S. ships without warning.

3 *On April 2, 1917, Wilson signed the declaration of war. *We needed soldiers FAST!!! On May 18th, Congress passed the Selective Service Act which established the military draft. Men age 21 to 30 registered by the millions. Women joined too, but they were not allowed in combat. African Americans also signed up for the Army and Navy….the Marines would not accept them (more discrimination).

4 Here We Come to Save the Day!! (pages 677-681) General John J Pershing led the American troops in Europe. They were called the American Expeditionary Forces. (AEF) The AEF helped to turn back German troops. By middle of July 1918, the Allies had stopped the advancement of the Germans.

5 Battle of the Argonne Forrest Length of battle: Lasted 7 weeks Description of battle ground: rainy, muddy, barbed wire, fires, trenches, dead bodies, rats, sickness, extremely hot and humid or extremely cold. Outcome: Allies barged through the enemy lines and invaded Germany. American troops were nicknamed “The Dough Boys”.

6 The End is Near!!! On October 4, 1918, the German government appealed to President Wilson for an armistice (an agreement to end fighting). It was signed on November 11, 1918 at 11:00 in the morning. (11/11 at 11:00 am.)

7 Wilson’s Conditions: Germany must accept his plan for peace & promise not to renew hostilities. German troops must leave Belgium & France. Wilson would only deal with civilian leaders, not the military. German leaders CONSIDERED the conditions & the German PEOPLE got mad. On November 9, 1918, the people took over & removed Kaiser Wilhelm II from power. Germany became a Republic, & agreed to work with President Wilson.

8 THE WAR IS OVER!!! *The armistice began on November 11, 1918.

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