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Swine Identification Large Animal Science.

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1 Swine Identification Large Animal Science

2 Introduction Pig’s need Names too!!!!!

3 Objectives Discuss the importance of Swine Identification orally with no errors. Describe why we dock tails on swine, orally with no errors. Create a Swine ID for your practice pig by ear-notching it and docking the tails with 100% accuracy. Review all the aspects of Swine Identification by answering questions orally with 90% accuracy.

4 Ear notching Why? When? How?
Good Production and Management Records When??? 1-3 days old How??? What we will do today.

5 Ear Notching Look From Pig’s Perspective Right Ear = Litter Ear
Left Ear = Individual Ear Pig’s Name is: Litter Ear –Individual Ear Think Left to Right

6 Quadrants Four quadrants per ear Two notches allowed in each quadrant
Total of on each ear Minimum: 1 notch on each ear Maximum: 9 notches on each ear

7 Another Quadrant Picture

8 Example Right Ear = 27+3 Left Ear = 3+1 Pig 30-4

9 Another Example Try this one??? Did you get 171-1? Right Ear = 81+81+9
Left Ear = 1 Pig 171-1

10 What if you have more than 242 litters???
Back to the Beginning Notch and Colored Tag System Try Carrying 27 Over Also

11 Tail Docking Why? A common management practice
Prevents tail biting during confinement raising of pigs.

12 Tail Docking (cont…) When? 1-3 days Along with ear notching

13 Tail Docking (cont…) How? Remove ¼ to ½ inch from the body
Use sharp knife or pliers The stump and instrument should be disinfected well Disinfect (Iodine)

14 Safety When using knives, pliers, ear notchers, etc… make sure to always think and act safely. Never play, run, or throw dangerous equipment

15 Sanitation Always wear gloves when ear notching and docking tails.
Disinfect equipment after it is used on each pig. Store drugs (disinfectants) according to directions.

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