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The Phone Call You Don’t Want to Get! LeeAnna Mills, NBCT Northside Middle School.

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1 The Phone Call You Don’t Want to Get! LeeAnna Mills, NBCT Northside Middle School

2 Disasters Everywhere!

3 April 6, 2010 April 6, 2011

4 Be Aware and Prepare Catalog Everything! If you have many items not in catalog, I would scan ISBN numbers into simple Excel Spreadsheet. Equipment/Technology – Even simple records will do, be sure to include the following: – Title, Make(Brand), Model #, Serial #, date of purchase, funds used to purchase

5 Insurance Find out what kind of insurance your school has for the library. – RVC- Replacement Cost Value- best to have but more expensive and hard to get for older schools – ACV- Actual Cost Value, this means you will get dollar amount of what item cost less depreciation

6 Tips Submit your collection periodically to vendors(free) for analysis. Provides an offsite record of your collection. (Follett-Titlewave, Burrows Library Service, etc.) Back up collection regularly and have an off- site copy Back up everything you wouldn’t want to lose!

7 More Tips Always, always have a wish list or several. One of things you were ready to purchase, one of items that you would like to have and one of things you dream of having. Have a floor plan of your library, can use Excel or Publisher Take lots of photos these may help you with making lists for replacing items

8 Few More Tips Become familiar with your Board’s Selection Policy, you may use it’s guidelines to apply to donations. Talk to your bookkeeper, see if you can set up separate account for donations that is less restricted Consider creating wish lists with vendors and or local book stores( B & N, Books-A-Million, etc.)

9 Oh No, What Now?

10 Observations You will be overwhelmed – learn to break jobs down People want to help and are very generous! Make notes of those who want to help and kind of help offered, financial & physical – Be sure to send Thank You notes Think about collaboration possibilities Think ahead about publicity opportunities

11 Stages of Grief Shock & Denial Pain & Guilt Anger & Bargaining Depression Upward Turn Reconstruction Acceptance & Hope

12 Get Ready and Wait! Know that nothing will happen quickly! Process = Damage Assessment →Letting Bids=Contractors come and see →Accepting Bids→ Demolition →Reconstruction Reporting losses and locating replacements

13 Rebuilding

14 Survival Tips Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! – Clarify with administrators what do they feel should be top priority Take care of yourself! Be ready to accept help Know where to look for help- – Professional Organizations – Disaster Relief Grants – Vendors Arrange to have storage space available

15 Support and Help Be a part of your professional organizations- ASLA, ALLA, AASL and ALA – They will be excellent sources for grants as well Check with your Public Library! Be sure to get input from your Faculty and Students



18 Resources TCSS Selection Policy- Grant Resources: – – articlenbr=28 articlenbr=28 – s/disasterrec s/disasterrec – Other possible sources: Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Vendors of library supplies

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