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Effective Citizen Engagement For Economic & Social Development Using Voice Internet: Internet for Everyone WSIS e-GOV Forum, March 13, 2010, Geneva

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1 Effective Citizen Engagement For Economic & Social Development Using Voice Internet: Internet for Everyone WSIS e-GOV Forum, March 13, 2010, Geneva

2 The Need for e-GOV  Make Government services hassle-free, faster, cheaper, more inclusive and “at citizens doorsteps”.  Bring efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability to administration.  Enable people’s voice in decision making.  Minimize corruption.

3 The Need for e-GOV  Aligned with MDGs  More Needed for Developing Countries (poverty, high population density, large Digital Divide,..)  Also needed in the developed world (some Section of people are poor / deprived..)  Hence e-GOV Needed for All

4 Current Limitations  Need to have a computer or similar device  Large Digital Divide  Large Language Divide  Not Affordable by many  Overcoming these limitations is the Key

5 The Need n Information is ‘Money’. n Largest source of information is the Internet. n Internet should be for Everyone (Educational, Economic, Social Development)

6 The Problem / Opportunity n Internet Access is Very Limited  Only 14% of Global Phone Users have Internet  550M connected computers vrs Over 5B phones n Barrier to Access  Lack of computer or computer skills  Access through a personal device is very limited, difficult, visual, needs to be literate, and expensive  Many modes of Mobile Access not practical with visual display: car; walking,.. Computers or PDAs CANNOT Totally Bridge the Digital Divide & CANNOT Bring up the Bottom of The Pyramid

7 Solution: Paradigm Shift – Voice Internet n Intelligent Agent (IA) n Mediates between user and the Internet n Retrieves and “Renders” text on ANY site without site or content modification n Renders to Short, precise, meaningful, easily navigable and pleasant to listen to. Internet Text to Speech Speech Recognition netECHO Software (IA) Automation is the KEY Any Phone

8 The Core Technology Internet Internet Interface DownloadingUnderstanding User InterfaceTranslating SR (3rd Party) Phone Interface TTS (3rd party) e-commerce e-mailSearch Music/Radio A-Browse Surf Intelligent Agent(IA) Automates Interaction With the Internet. IA “Renders” text from ANY site without any site modification netECHO System Architecture Intelligent Agent

9 How Rendering Works? n Automatically Determines key Information of the page: Page Highlights n Uses similar algorithms that our eyes and brain uses in selecting key information of a page n Uses the information already available on the page (e.g. bold, font size, content density, links,..) to determine the Page Highlights n Uses matching techniques, semantic analysis and language processing to determine relevant contents on the linked pages

10 Value Proposition n Access to the entire Internet by any phone, anytime, anywhere (including in a car) without using a computer (Bridges Digital and Language Divide – Help Bottom of the Pyramid) n Serves as a profitable value-add service for ISP’s,Telco’s and Wireless providers n Allows Businesses and Governments to voice-enable websites and applications with > 5X savings in both development and maintenance cost [Moving today’s Standalone IVR to Web Based IVR] n Significantly Eases Accessibility

11 Vision Provide natural voice-based interaction with the Internet, computers and electronic appliances. Mission Provide Internet Access to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere Using Any Phone Company Vision and Mission

12 Company Background n A Technology Company with Very Good Technology and Product Roadmap, founded in 1999. n Developed the world’s only “True” voice-Internet technology. n Patented Technology – Several patents – broad claims resulting Very High Entry Barriers – Founder holds 13 patents from prior works n Market Introduction l First release in Nov’ 02, Current version 5.3 l In Commercial Operation over 5 years with Paying Customers l Multiple Languages & Applications

13 13 Key Customers / Partners Service Providers (Telcos/ISPs/Resellers) iWebTalk TecAccess Henan Mobile (Pilot) MTNL OCCAM (UNESCO) Businesses/Govt. (SI /Enterprises/Org.) MIMOS (Malaysian Govt) UN Lighthouse RiOS Institute, UC Berkeley

14 14 Key Applications General Services Applications: NOW: Voice Internet Service SOON: MicroBrowser VoIP using PSTN or Mobile Custom Services Applications: e-Learning, e-Health, e-Gov, e-Farming., e-comm. e-Entertainment, Banking, Travel, CRM, Automotive … Handling Emergency Situation

15 E-Gov Applications Undertaken n Accessing Public Records (Birth Records, Land Related Forms,..) n College/Uni. Admission / Results  Job Service / Application  Train Schedule, Ticketing  Bill Payment

16 Voice Internet Availability n US n Canada n India n Thailand (soon) n China (soon) n African Countries, Europe, S. America (in the near future) Users: Digital Divide, Elderly, Highly Mobile, Disable People

17 How User’s Are Using? n Information Retrieval and Avoiding Loneliness n Key Features Used are n Email n Surfing n Searching n Streaming Audio n Horoscopes, Weather, Stock Quotes

18 How User’s Are Using? (Attractive Features in Asia) n E-Learning (English learning, non formal and some formal courses) n E-Gov. (public records, bill payment, …) n E-Health (basic health info., patient record,..) n E-Farming (basic farming info., pricing info., help selling,..)

19 Current & Future Products  Current Offerings English - v5.3 Japanese - v4.0 Chinese - v3.0 German - v2.0 Open Interface for System Integrators Several Business Applications  Banking, Travel, Flight Information  Voice Shopping Mall  Future Offerings Spanish, Indian, European and other Languages v-Commerce Module MicroBrowser Voice Computer Semantic Web / Web3.0 Support Natural Language Proc. (NLP) User Interface Question & Answer System netTalk: Phone to VoIP

20 Business Strategy & Model Enable Voice/Audio Internet Infrastructure n Deploy the Technology through channel partners: Service Providers (ISPs, Carriers), Voice Portals, System Integrators, VARs, VAS, Software Companies, UN, NGOs, Govt. Organizations, … n Bridge the Digital and Language Divides n Voice Enable Business and Govt. Applications n Maintain High Barrier of Entry by Broad Methodology Patents, New Products and Market Leadership n Use Licensing, Rev sharing, Combination & ASP

21 Let Bottom of the Pyramid Drive World Economic and Social Developments n Providing Voice Internet bridges the Digital and Language Divides n Voice Internet also helps Education n Education in turn helps Innovation and Entrepreneurship n Innovation and Entrepreneurship in turn drive Economy

22 Let Bottom of the Pyramid Drive World Economic and Social Developments  Use the Brain Power of the Bottom of the Pyramid for Local & Global Development  They may be poor BUT their Brain Powers Are Not  Well Aligned with MDGs

23 n Higher ROI – Both Financial & Social n Growing Market n Multiple Market Segments n Very High Entry Barrier n Many Applications and Products n Help Economic, Social, Cultural Developments n Win-Win Business Relationship Use Voice Internet and Grow Your Citizen Engagement & Business

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