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Why You Should Be Modest A lesson in correct action.

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1 Why You Should Be Modest A lesson in correct action

2 There are many reasons to be modest, but, the most important one is the most simple We have been asked to be modest, and, so we should, but, if you need other reasons, they will be covered in full.

3 The reasons -Give respect to your body -Give respect to others -Keep libidos in check -Prevent unnecessary flow of testosterone -Avoid skankishenss

4 Give respect to your body When you cover up your body, it makes it a more valuable commodity. You show people that your respect yourself and that you do not use your body for attention.

5 Give respect to others When you cover up, you are granting others the right of not having to look at you. This is especially pertinent if you, well, may not have the most desirable body.

6 Keep libidos in check A persons libido is a very sacred thing. It can be enraged with passion by the mere sight of immodesty, and these passions are not a desirable thing. They could lead to flirting, or perhaps just verking it. One ought to avoid the passions of the libido.

7 Prevent unnecessary flow of testosterone Testosterone is, like the libido, a very touchy subject. It is, although, a very evil thing. It can insight one to rage, to passion, to violence, or to pyromanicy. It is not to be played with, and immodest dress certainly plays with it.


9 Graph Analyzation As one can clearly see, as the level of immodesty goes up in its varying forms, the skankishness perception goes up.

10 Skankishness Having established its presence concurrent with immodesty, it is also important to note that skankishness is not usually desirable. When applying for certain positions on the Vegas Strip it is, but, most often, perceptive skankishness is not desirable.

11 Thus One can see that modesty is most generally the most correct course of action. You show respect, you keep libidos and testosterone in check, and you bring your perceptive skankishness factor way down. All things that are very desirable.

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