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Wyn Lucas Independent Telecommunications Consultant.

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1 Wyn Lucas Independent Telecommunications Consultant

2 ITU-T Study Group 3 Role, functioning, achievements and issues.

3 Agenda Study Group 3 Structure. Activities of the Working Parties etc. Key issues. Achievements.

4 Study Group 3 Established by the World Telecommunications Standardisation Assembly (WTSA). Responsible for the study of 4 questions allocated to it by the WTSA. Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen appointed by the WTSA.

5 Study Group 3 Structure Study Group Plenary Working Party 1 Working Party 2 R.G. T&D TAF TAS TAL TEUREM R. G. R.G

6 Functions of Plenary Establish Working Parties and allocate work. Establish Rapporteur Groups of Plenary. Consider issues not allocated to WPs. Consider reports of WPs. Initiate approval process for Recommendations.

7 Plenary Activities International telecommunications Regulations. Progress Reports from Regional Groups Report of Rapporteur Group on T&D. Report of Working Party 1. Report of Working Party 2.

8 Working Party 1 Responsible for the study of Q 1/3 Development of charging and accounting/settlement mechanisms for network capabilities and services features made available by new technologies.

9 Working Party 1 Activities Rapporteur Group - IP telephony Rapporteur Group – International Internet connection. Rapporteur Group – IMT 2000 Rapporteur Group - Modification of D 50 Rapporteur Group – Mobile access to HCD and IFS. (HCD, Home Country Direct, IFS, International Toll-Free Service)

10 Working Party 2 Responsible for the study of Q 2/3 Adaptation of the D-series Recommendations to the evolving market environment.

11 Working Part 2 activities Rapporteur Group – International calls terminating on mobile networks. Revision of Recommendation D 140. Revision of Recommendation D 180. Revision of Recommendation D 190. Shortening of the Settlement Period Code of Conduct for accounting rate negotiation. Handbook on costing methodologies.

12 Rapporteur Group on Terms and Definitions Responsible for the study of Q 4/3 Terms and definitions for Recommendations dealing with tariff and accounting principles

13 Regional Tariff Groups Responsible for the study of Q 3/3 Regional studies for the development of cost models together with related economic and policy issues

14 4 Regional Groups TAF – Tariff Group Africa TAS – Tariff Group Asia and Oceania TAL – Tariff Group Latin America TEUREM – Tariff Group Europe and Mediterranean Basin. (Dormant)

15 Study Group 3 Achievements Revision of Recommendation D 150 – New System for Accounting in international telephony. Revision of Recommendation D 140 – Accounting Rate Principles for International Telephone Services. Recommendation D 50 – Revision of Recommendation D 93 – Charging and Accounting in the International Land Mobile Telephone Service.

16 D 150 Original methods of accounting: Flat rate price procedure. Traffic-unit price procedure. Additional methods Termination charge. Settlement rate. Special arrangements.

17 D 140 Revised Annex C Revised Annex A Supplement to Annex A – updated indicative settlement rates.

18 D 50 Recommends that administrations involved in the provision of international Internet connections negotiate and agree to bilateral commercial arrangements enabling direct international Internet connections that take into account the possible need for compensation between them for the value of elements such as traffic flow, number of routes, geographical coverage and cost of international transmission amongst others. Update after June meeting

19 D 193 revised 2000 to negotiate a separate rate for traffic terminating on a mobile network however, this is by bilateral negotiation and when the rate is cost orientated The difference between the two rates should be as small as possible Many countries now request very high settlement rates (3 – 5 times) A review is now going on in the SG3

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