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BIOLOGY Muscle Tissue ------------------------------------------------------------------- Adhika Dwi Mahran Arkanuddin M. Ariefiandi.

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1 BIOLOGY Muscle Tissue ------------------------------------------------------------------- Adhika Dwi Mahran Arkanuddin M. Ariefiandi

2 MUSCLE TISSUE Muscle tissue composed of muscle cells whose function is to move the organs of the body. Due to the ability of muscle tissue can contract. Muscle contraction may take place because the protein molecules that build muscle cells can be elongated and shortened.

3 KINDS OF MUSCLE TISSUE Muscle tissue can be categorized into 3 types, namely------ Smooth muscle tissue Striated muscle tissue Cardiac muscle tissue

4 Muscle tissue smooth Have smooth muscle tissue fibers (fibrils) are homogeneous, so that when observed under a microscope looks plain or striped. Smooth muscle reflexively contract and under The influence of autonomic nerves. When smooth muscle is stimulated, a slow reaction. Smooth muscle found in the digestive tract, blood vessel walls, respiratory tract. Smooth muscle structure

5 Striated muscle tissue Another name is the skeleton muscle tissue because most of these types of muscle attached to the frame of tubule. Contractions according to our will and under the influence of nerve aware. Called striated muscle because when viewed under a microscope looks of light and dark lines criss-cross along the transverse muscle fibers. Therefore, another name of striated muscle is the muscle transverse stripes. Striated muscle function to move the bones and protect the frame from heavy impact. Striated muscle fibers (muscle tissue from children - children)

6 Muscle tissue heart / myocardium Muscle tissue is found only in the middle layer of the heart wall. The structure resembles striated muscle, although once the heart muscle contraction and the reflex response to slow stimuli. Heart muscle function is to pump blood out of the heart. Cardiac muscle fibers (derived from the adult heart)

7 Muscle Tissues

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