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Committed to connecting the world Overview of GSS,WTSA-12Outcomes.

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1 Committed to connecting the world Overview of GSS,WTSA-12Outcomes

2 Committed to connecting the world World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly 20-29 November 2012  Best-attended WTSA ever with 1000+ delegates from 100+ countries  Structure of ITU-T and priorities  New ITU-T leadership teams appointed for 10 ITU-T Study Groups with membership from 35 countries (24 developing countries) 2

3 Committed to connecting the world Global Standards Symposium 19 November 2012  Speakers: Leaders of industry, government and regulators, other standards bodies: ISO, IEC, IEEE, IETF, CCSA, TTC, TTA  Collaboration between standards bodies  Inter-relationship with vertical sectors

4 Committed to connecting the world 6 New Resolutions  Software defined networking (Res. 77)  e-Health (Res. 78)  e-Waste (Res. 79)  Acknowledging contributions from academia (Res. 80)  Strengthening collaboration (Res. 81)  Strategic and structural review (Res. 82) 4

5 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolutions  50 Revised Resolutions including  Bridging Standardization Gap (Res. 44)  Conformance & Interoperability (Res. 76)  Climate Change (Res. 73)  Misuse of numbering resources (Res. 61)  Non-discriminatory access to Internet (Res. 69)  Voluntary funding of ITU-T (Res. 34)

6 Committed to connecting the world  6 new technical Recommendations  MPLS-TP (G.8113.1 and G.8113.2)  Remote management of networked devices in home networking (G.9980)  Power line transceiver (G.9901)  Deep packet inspection (Y.2770)  Time-scale for settlement of accounts (D.195)  7 A-series Recommendations on ITU-T WTSA-12 Recommendations

7 Committed to connecting the world New Opinion 1 “Practical application of network externality premium”  considering the progress achieved … those Member States concerned may wish to … possibly withdraw the reservations about Recommendation ITU-T D.156, Network externalities,  Member States to implement Recommendation ITU-T D.156,  Council to report on this subject to PP 2014. 7 WTSA-12 Opinion

8 Committed to connecting the world Resolutions on collaboration and cooperation (6)  Res 7 – ISO/IEC  Res 11 – UPU  Res 18 – ITU-R  Res 38, 57 – coordination of ITU Sectors on IMT and other matters  Res 81 – Strengthening Collaboration

9 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 18 Principles and procedures for the allocation of work to, and coordination between the ITU-R and ITU-T  New Annex C Coordination of ITU-R and ITU-T activities through intersector rapporteur groups (IRG)  Areas that could benefit from IRG  Intelligent Transportation Systems  Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication  Smart Grid Communication

10 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 44 Bridging Standardization Gap between developing and developed countries  Regional groups of ITU-T SGs  Cooperation with regional SDOs  BSG line item in ITU budget  ITU regional offices engagement  Study innovation, BSG management and stimulation programmes  Annex - Updated Action Plan 1.Strengthen standard-making capabilities 2.Assist developing countries with standards application 3.Human resources capacity building (eg e-learning) 4.Fundraising for bridging the standardization gap

11 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 76 Studies related to conformance and interoperability testing, assistance to developing countries, and a possible future ITU Mark programme  4 pillars specified by PP-10 Res 177 1.Conformity assessment 2.Interoperability testing events 3.Capacity Building 4.Establishment of test centers in developing countries  Adopted action plan approved by ITU Council 2012  SG 11 to coordinate the C&I programme  Implementation of ITU-T conformance database  Pilot project(s) on ITU-T Recommendation  Collaborations with members, testing labs & SDOs

12 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 73 ICTs, environment and climate change  Highlights ITU-T SG 5 ongoing work :  Smart cities, green ICT procurement, cloud, energy efficiency, water management, etc.  ITU-T’s methodologies assess ICT’s carbon footprint and energy consumption  Standards for universal charger for mobile and stationary ICT devices  Data centers can halve energy use with ITU-T’s best practices

13 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 77 Standardization work in the ITU-T Sector for software-defined networking (SDN)  Newly adopted by WTSA-12  SDN = most promising technology for network virtualization  ITU-T SG13 to take lead to accelerate the work on SDN architecture and requirements  TSB to organize a workshop in June  Invite membership to submit contributions

14 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 78 ICT applications and standards for improved access to e-health services  Instructs ITU to:  Develop activities on e-health  Collaborate with WHO and others  Consider organizing a global conference  Organize seminars and workshops  Study communication protocols relating to e-health  Give priority to safeguarding patients’ rights and privacy

15 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 79 The role of telecommunication/ICTs in handling and controlling e-waste from telecommunication and IT equipment and methods of treating it  Instructs ITU to:  Develop standards relating to handling, controlling and treating e-waste  Organize seminars and workshops to enhance awareness, particularly in developing countries  Gauge the needs of the developing countries, assist them on proper assessment of e-waste  Study the impact of used equipment and products brought into developing countries and give appropriate guidance to assist

16 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 80 Acknowledging the active involvement of the membership in the development of ITU-T deliverables  TSB Director  To acknowledge the value of active participation in ITU-T  To highlight the importance of contribution to ITU-T  TSAG  To study how to acknowledge significant contributors  To define objective criteria for identifying contributors  Member States  Recognize contributors

17 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 82 Strategic and Structural review of the ITU-T Sector  Review Committee created:  Review the current coordination and collaborations mechanisms  Identify and propose new modalities  To conduct its initial review in a timely manner  To report to TSAG on regular basis  To submit its report to the next WTSA  TSB Director to support Review Committee and provide fellowships to those eligible

18 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 61 Countering and combating misappropriation and misuse of international telecommunication numbering resources  Invites Member States to…  …ensure that ITU-T E.164 numbering resources are used only by the assignees and only for the purposes for which they were assigned, and that unassigned resources are not used  Attachment – Suggested guidelines for regulators, administrations and operating agencies authorized by Member States for dealing with number misappropriation

19 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 64 IP address allocation and facilitating the transition to and deployment of IPv6  ITU IPv6 Group concluded after 2010-2012 study  WTSA-12 Res 64 instructs:  ITU to collaborate with stakeholders on IPv6 deployment  ITU-T SG 2 and 3 to study  Allocation and economics of available IPv4 addresses  IPv6 address allocation and registration  Invite Member States and Sector Members to  Develop policies to ensure IPv6-capable public services  Promote adoption and ensure equipment is IPv6-capable

20 Committed to connecting the world WTSA-12 Resolution 69 Non-discriminatory access and use of Internet resources  In 2009-2012 study period, 35 cases reported  WTSA-12 Res 69 instructs:  TSB Director to report to TSAG on the progress of this resolution, in order for TSAG to evaluate the effectiveness of its implementation, and to report on the progress of this resolution to next WTSA  Secretary-General to report annually to the ITU Council on the progress of this resolution

21 Committed to connecting the world Summary  Hot technical trends addressed future networks, software defined networking, cloud computing, home networks, environmental impact  Resolutions on hot thematic topics updated in the run-up to the WCIT  Emphasis on bridging the standardization gap  Evolving role of ITU-T with other organizations  Stimulation of increased membership and participation  Conformance and interoperability role strengthened

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