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Five Themes of Geography Review

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1 Five Themes of Geography Review
Click Here to Begin

2 Five Themes of Geography
This interactive game will take you through a review of the five themes of geography. You will need to keep your own score, so get a pencil and paper out, and be ready to have some fun!! BEGIN

3 Main Menu Location Place Regions HEI 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200
Movement HEI 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300

4 That answer is Correct. Click the button to return to the Main Menu.
Congratulations That answer is Correct. Click the button to return to the Main Menu.

5 That answer is Incorrect
Click on the Button to Try Again Try Again

6 Location for 100 Lines of Latitude run? North/South East/West
Northeast/Southwest Northwest/Southeast A B C D

7 Location for 200 The Prime Meridian is a Line of? Longitude Latitude
Equator Northern Hemisphere A B C D

8 Location for 300 The Earth is Divided into how many Hemispheres? 1 2 3
4 A B C D

9 Place for 100 Place is the study of human and ______ features? animal
mammal physical Extra-terrestrial A B C D

10 Place for 200 We can study place by using what feature?
The features of the land The work people do Climate All of the above A B C D

11 Place for 300 All are examples of Place except for which of the following? Jobs people do Music people buy online The hilliness of the land How hot or cold the climate is A B C D

12 Regions for 100 Any place can belong to how many regions? 2 3
Unlimited Answer not given A B C D

13 Regions for 200 On a map, how are different regions identifiable?
Color Size Latitude Longitude A B C D

14 Regions for 300 Which is NOT a region? Bible Belt Midwest
Plains States Taco Bell A B C D

15 Movement for 100 Movement helps geographers by…
Hiring a moving company Moving maps when they need them moved Understanding relationships between places Studying when things got there A B C D

16 Movement for 200 Movement includes all of the following except
A song in D Minor Goods Ideas People A B C D

Where are things located?, and Why are they there? Are questions asked by who? President Bush Your teacher Army Intelligence Geographers A B C D

18 HEI for 100 HEI stands for? Human Enriched Intake
Human Environment Interaction High Energy Insulin Helping Elderly In hospitals A B C D

19 HEI for 200 An example of interaction is when
Taco Bell closes for a week Trees are cut down causing a group of monkeys to move their home Your mom makes you walk home from school When you high five a teammate after scoring a touchdown!! A B C D

20 HEI for 300 All are examples of HEI EXCEPT which of the following?
Irrigating a field using a ditch Building dams and canals to ease travel Fertilizing crops to increase production Asking how to use a computer A B C D

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