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Chapter 8 and 9 Objective: investigate the causes of the militancy and explore the role of African Americans in the anti-slavery movement.

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2 Chapter 8 and 9 Objective: investigate the causes of the militancy and explore the role of African Americans in the anti-slavery movement.

3 Racism and Violence Scientists believed that whites were a superior race, culturally, physically, economically, politically, and intellectually Scientific justification for continued enslavement of blacks and extermination of Indians

4 David Walker Free Black Man wrote: “The Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World” Bluntly described the violence against blacks and that blacks should retaliate at any cost….. “By any Means Necessary!” do you Agree? Became a Prophet of Violent Revolution

5 Other Violent Leaders Malcolm X Louis Farrakhan Black Panther Party Do you support Violence as a tool to fight oppression?

6 Why do you feel that they felt we were physically, socially, politically; intellectually and economically inferior? Did we not prove those theories wrong with men such as Richard Allen, Benjamin Banneker, Frederick Douglas How would this make you feel if they thought this of you today?

7 Rebellions Gabriel’s Conspiracy: 1800 Richmond Virigina; Gabriel Prosser; influenced by French and Amercian Revolutionary; 26 excuted; educated Denmark Vescey: free black man. Literate. Carpenter by trade, understood the French Revolution and modeled his revolt after it Discovered, slaves snitched he and over 131 arrested; 35 hanged; 37 banished

8 Review What rebellion led to the hanging of 35 slaves, and atleast 37 were banished from Charleston, SC?

9 Modern Riots L.A. Riots 1993 The Widespread Destruction

10 Henry Highland Garnet endorsed migration and nationalism Disagreed with Fredrick Douglas foster Christianity and economic development in Africa via ACS 1 ST A-American to deliver a sermon in Congress

11 Questions Why do you believe he and Frederick Douglass disagreed on how things should be handled? In what arenas have we seen people disagree publicly? Who do you believe had the more corrective measure to ensure blacks were safe and secure?

12 Texas and The War Against Mexico proposed annexing territory namely Texas and Oregon. Do you agree that annexing is more about money and greed than about just territorial expansion? Why or Why not? Last from 1846-1848 white northerners became concerned that slaveholders

13 White Northerners Concerns Why do you believe White Northerners became concerned with this? by adding new slave states : new slave states to the Union would dominate the federal government enact policies detrimental to white workers and farmers.

14 Southerner’s Concern What about this acquisition of this territory would give the southern slaveholders concern? fearful that they would be excluded from the western lands.

15 Results COMPROMISE OF 1850: California-Free State New Mexico/Utah: Slavery Status unresolved Strengthen fugitive slave laws: Easier for master to recapture bond people Increased in attempts to kidnap free Northern Blacks

16 Homework Essay Question 1. Garnett: black nationalism/Douglass: assimilation. Garnett: blacks must free themselves/ambassador-link to promoting migration/radical Most blacks did not feel this way/going back to Africa

17 homework 2. Our God-Given right to expand westward and to take Indian Lands; Expansion of slave labor. 3. Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Henry Highland Garnett, Martin R. Delaney- radical and progressive strategists, Fought/agressively/ingeniously/disagreed and fought amongst each other Number ONE GOAL: FREEDOM/EQUALITY

18 4. Main Task: fundraising of all women anti-slavery societies. Bake sales; anti-slavery fairs, sold anti-slavery memorabilia. Created the birth of Feminism: an awareness that women had rights and interests that a male dominated society had to recognize Sojourner Truth-Champion of Women’s rights?

19 Chapter 9 Activity Antiblack and Anti-________ Riots peaked between the 1830’s and 1840’s. ______ Highland______ was a major competitor against Frederick Douglass and emphasized black nationalism _________ Champion of Women’s rights. Looked like a man. __________ refers to an appeal to the American people based on their Christian conscience.

20 Review Frederick Douglas was an __________ who published this newspaper called the ________ Star. Network of passages from the Chesapeake to Canada that helped thousands of slaves to escape is_________________ Bonus: Harriet Tubman is also known as?

21 American Anti-Slavery Society Founded by William Lloyd Garrison 1831 Dedicated to the immediate, uncompensated emancipation and to equal rights for African Americans Promised not to revert to physical force Editor of the Liberator

22 William Lloyd Garrison No white American worked harder than Garrison to bridge racial differences Stiff/condescending in conversation with blacks.

23 What was Garrison’s motivation to help blacks? Why would this white man work so hard to help a “so- called inferior race” while being condescending to them at times? What do you think?

24 Sojourner Truth Originally Named Isabella New York Native 1827-escaped to an antislavery family who purchased her freedom Meet Frederick Douglass Champion of Abolition and Women’s Rights

25 Significance Blunt Eloquent Mostly addressed white audiences about slavery and women’s rights

26 Quiz Chapter 9 1. ________ This organization was Founded by William Lloyd Garrison-called for the immediate uncompensated emancipation of blacks. 2. ___________ endorsed migration and nationalism and disagreed with Fredrick Douglas 3.The first black convention was organized by __________ in Philadelphia at the Bethel Church. At these conventions, delegates called for the abolition of slavery

27 4. ___________ Stiff/condescending in conversation with blacks; editor of the Liberator 5. _________ Scholars do not know the origins of the term because the system functioned under such secrecy. Slaves had always escaped from their masters, and free black people and some white people had always assisted them.


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