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The Great Gatsby Ch. 4 Becca Klaumenzer and Dylan Bortz.

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1 The Great Gatsby Ch. 4 Becca Klaumenzer and Dylan Bortz

2 Rumors surround Jay Gatsby “He’s a bootlegger” “He killed a man who found out … he was the nephew of Von Hindenburg and second cousin to the devil.”Von Hindenburg

3 Attendants of Gatsby’s wild parties Some of the awkward attendants were – The Leeches – James B. (“rot-gut””) Ferret – Klipspringer “the boarder” – The Quinns- a divorced couple – Henry L. Palmetto- jumped in front of the subway – Benny McClenahan- a 1922 womanizer-each woman’s last name was that of a FLOWER – The “’ Stonewall Jackson’ Abrams of Georgia” Stonewall Jackson

4 Gatsby attendants (cont.) Doctor Webster Civet-drowned in Maine Willie Voltaire A clan named Blackbuck-sit in corners and turn up their noses like goats Edgar Beaver-wordplay Ripley Snells-his story The hammerheads Beluga and his daughters

5 GA (cont.) Newton Orchid-filmmaker The Catlips Ernest Lilly George Duckweed Francis Bull

6 Gatsby’s life story He swears he will tell the truth- this is a lie Son of a wealthy family in the Midwest Went to Oxford-snooty school in England He states that he lived in San Francisco He lived all over the world like a king

7 Gatsby the Masochist Gatsby tells Nick that when he was in the war he accepted the position of first lieutenant He attempted to die numerous times His story His medal is inscribed to Major Jay Gatsby the Latin translates to being from “Nicolas the king” Nick believes him.

8 Meyer Wolfsheim is met “Small flat-nosed Jew” with a moustache Dark eyes Easily distracted Wolfsheim’s history of Jay- identical to Jay’s auto biography His cufflinks have human molars on them He is fifty Wolfsheim fixed the 1919 World Series1919 World Series

9 Why did she marry Tom at all? She wanted more than a promise of love She felt alone in a crowd She could have married him because he was rich Or because he showered her with expensive things

10 Love Story-Call Me Maybe Daisy was eighteen when she met Gatsby 1917, October She tries to run to New York to see a boy (we assume it is Gatsby) off to the War Meets Tom Married him against her own better judgment (she was drunk)

11 Daisy’s wedding She was beautiful as a June night in her flowered dress Drunk as a skunk She has a bottle of white wine in one hand and a letter in the other Says Jordan can return the pearls to Tom that she has changed her mind she’s not going through with it The maid and Jordan give her a cold bath and she goes through with the marriage anyway

12 Tom’s list Daisy seemed to be crazy about Tom In Santa Barbara Tom wrecked his car The woman that was with him was a chamber maid at the hotel (first sign of his disloyalty) The next April their daughter was born Maybe Daisy didn’t marry Tom for love

13 Why does Gatsby live in West Egg? Nick assumes that this is a coincidence Gatsby bought the house directly across the bay from Daisy He wants to meet Daisy at Nicks house Gatsby wants to see her again to know he hasn’t been away from her that long

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