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The Chinese Civil War & the “Forgotten War” 1944 - 1953.

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1 The Chinese Civil War & the “Forgotten War” 1944 - 1953

2 Communists Nationalists  Led by Mao Zedong  Relied on aid from the U.S.S.R.  Highly motivated leadership and strong, well-trained guerilla army.  Led by Chiang Kai-Shek  Relied on aid from the U.S. (~$3 billion)  Highly corrupt government  Policies often did not merge with his party beliefs

3  The United States sends military aid, but does not commit troops.  Despite attempts, we are unable to negotiate peace.

4 Republic of China People’s Republic of China

5  Containment fails!  “Domino effect”—Once one nation falls, they will all fall.  The U.S. does not recognize the new Communist government in China.  Has the U.S. government been infiltrated?

6  Korea is split after WWII  Which conference gives Korea independence?  38 th Parallel marks division between North Korea and South Korea North Korea = Commie South Korea = Democracy

7 Surprise, surprise – North Korea is occupied by…

8  North Korea invades South Korea in June 1950.

9  General Douglas MacArthur counterattacks & forces the North Koreans to the Chinese border.

10  China joins the fight & forces UN troops back to 38 th parallel.  MacArthur pushes Truman to wage full-scale war against China  Truman eventually fires MacArthur

11  The Korean War is a stalemate  Costs $67 billion  leads to citizens supporting the Republican candidate in the 1952 election (Dwight D. Eisenhower)  Increased fear of communist aggression (WE CAN’T EVEN BEAT THEM!)

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