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1 Final Cut Pro X Winter Connections Conference 2012.

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1 1 Final Cut Pro X Winter Connections Conference 2012

2 2 Introductions

3 3 Introduce myself Introduce each other Where do you teach? Why did you choose to take this class? Do you have any experience in editing? With a Mac? What would you like to get out of the class?

4 Important Information Door code: 6422 Feel free to answer phone calls or surf the web Bathrooms: on the right past the balcony on the right side The printer works Password: User>User 4

5 5 What we will learn

6 6 The FCP X Workshop Interface Importing media Basic Editing Audio Compositing Video Effects

7 7 The FCP X Workshop Transformation Effects Text and Titles Sharing and Exporting

8 8 Telling a story in FCP X

9 9 Blueprint Plan, Plan, Plan Start a New Event Start New Project Import media Import other media elements Rough cut Final Cut Add effects (if necessary) Output

10 10 Finding Royalty Free Music and Media

11 11 Media for your projects Royalty Free website: FCP Overview

12 12 Lab 01

13 13 Lab 01 Plan today’s story (all images today) Explain your story to your partner and get feedback Go to the creative commons website and download three songs and 10 images that fit your storycreative commons website

14 14 Welcome to the Interface

15 15 The Interface Event Browser window you use to organize and access individual clips, audio files, graphics, and offline clips - all of your media elements Event Library When you copy, move, and delete files in the Library, FCP will copy, move and delete your actual source media files on disk. Treat the library with care!

16 16 The Interface Viewer acts as the source monitor allows you to view your clips on the timeline

17 17 Media and Effects Browser A strip of buttons above the timeline on the right side of the FCP interface controls access to FCP’s various effects Inspector Video pane displays controls for all the effects applied to the selected clip. You can review and modify effect settings

18 18 Lab 02

19 19 Interface Lab Discuss the interface with a person near you Feel free to press buttons to see what they do -- you will not break it! Import clips, music, and try the software out Let me and the class know if you have questions

20 20 Basic Editing

21 21 Basic Editing Importing Footage File Based Camera File > Import from Camera >Select camera > choose clips > import selection Tape Based Device iSight Camera Importing from iLife iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto

22 22 Lab 03 Importing

23 23 Importing Lab Turn on the Live Camera button and introduce yourself on camera and then turn off iSight Turn on the iSight and interview someone in the class Find the songs you imported

24 24 Importing Lab (02) Take one of your photos and import it into iPhoto Import the photo into FCP X

25 25 The Timeline

26 26 The Timeline Timeline: displays your edited project as clips arrayed on multiple video and audio tracks along a time line axis Adding clips Removing clips Moving clips on the Insert, Append, Overwrite

27 27 Lab 04 The Timeline

28 28 LAB 04 Take your media and audio: Add to the timeline Remove from timeline Move clips around on the timeline Use insert, overwrite, append

29 29 Tools Splitting Clips Copy and Pasting Navigating the timeline Adjusting Edits Detaching Audio

30 30 Tools Timecode Tools Background Tabs Adding Metadata Rating clips

31 31 Lab 05 Tools On the timeline I want you to take your media elements and: Splitting Clips Copy and Paste a clip

32 32 Audio

33 33 Audio Levels Fades Effects Live recording

34 34 Basic Compositing

35 35 Basic Compositing Transformations Crop effects Distortion Compositing Effects

36 36 Video Effects Effects Browser Modifying Effects

37 37 Transition Effects Cross Dissolves Transition Browser Modifying Transition

38 38 Text and Titles The Text and Title Browser Modifying Titles

39 39 Timing Effects Speed and Duration Freeze Frames Reverse Playback

40 40 Creating Output: Sharing and Exporting Media Browser Playback on Apple Device Creating a DVD Web Quicktime Media Format

41 41 Final Project :30 second personal introduction to your audience. We will show your introductions to the class

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