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North Carolina Healthful Living Leaders Webinar December 12, 2012 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

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1 North Carolina Healthful Living Leaders Webinar December 12, 2012 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

2 Presenter Les Spell Health/Physical Education/Athletics Consultant, NCDPI 919-807-3637

3 TIPS Question box –Participants will be muted during the webinar unless presenting –Please use the question box Questions/Answers –Monitored and answered in question box and/or at the end of webinar Follow-up –Presenter online at conclusion of webinar –Email/phone –Presentation posted on Website

4 Today’s Date - -

5 Game Plan Updates Professional Development Resources

6 Update on Home Base

7 Agenda For Institute Home Base

8 Think of… A place that starts with possibilities and ends with victory. It’s where hard work and teamwork come together. It’s easy to use and shows action in the simplest way. It’s a starting point for success and it’s everyone’s goal to get there.


10 Why Home Base? Equitable Aligned Single Sign-on Efficient

11 Student Information System (SIS) Instructional Improvement System (IIS) Tools for Information and Data Tools for Teaching and Learning One Technology Platform Home Base

12 Sign- On Student Information and Learner Profile Professional Development & Educator Evaluation Assessment Instructional Design, Practice & Resources Lesson Plans Data Analysis and Reporting Standards & Curriculum

13 Student Information and Learner Profile

14 Standards in a content area Learning progressions Standard Course of Study (Common Core and Essential Standards) and Curriculum Resources Teacher or Executive Professional Standards Standards and Curriculum

15 3 rd Grade Social Studies – Sample Unit Generalizations Guiding Questions Factual (F), Conceptual (C), and Provoctive/Debatable (P) History Geography & Environmental Literacy 1.The physical environment of a place can determine the way that people meet their basic needs. 1.Humans may change or adapt to their environment in order to meet their needs. Geography & Environmental Literacy 1a. What are some examples of basic needs that all people have? (F) 1b. What are some ways that you and your family meet their basic needs? (F) 1c. What is the physical environment like in your community? (F) 1d. What is it important for people to understand their physical environment? 2a. How might humans interact with the environment to meet their needs? (C) 2b. How do people in your community meet their basic needs? (F) 2c. Is human interaction with the environment always positive? (P) Find sample lesson plans, units, resources Create lesson plans and link to appropriate resources Differentiate lessons for students Access Open Education Resources Instructional Design, Practice, and Resources Lesson Plans

16 Search for assessment items/tasks Create, administer, and score assessments at classroom, school, and district levels Administer statewide assessments Formative Assessment Strategies and Resources Assessments

17 Customizable views Role-based Information Multiple Data Comparisons Attendance Grades Test Scores Discipline Data Analysis and Reporting

18 Professional Development and Educator Evaluation View, register for, participate in PD Get suggestions for PD based on class performance or observation/evaluation data Implement educator evaluation processes

19 Some of Our Content Sources Open Education Resources

20 Resource Consortium Resource Consortium to: “Encourage collaboration and promote the sharing, in accordance with licensing agreements, of instructional and learning, assessment, professional development and talent management/educator evaluation content resources among all NC public school educators.” 43 members Over 30 LEAs Meet at least 1X per month Review, align, and include resources in Home Base

21 Sample LEA Assessment Resources

22 NC DPI Resources

23 Home Base Began transition to new SIS Integration of the SIS and the IIS Pilots for IIS Components of Home Base Home Base goes Live* September 2012  Early 2013  Mid - 2013  Starting 2013-14 School Year Fall 2012 Preparing Content for Home Base December 2012 IIS Vendor(s) Approval & Contract Award *There will be a phased in roll out of the IIS components of Home Base.

24 Updates

25 HB 837HB 837: Completion of CPR by Students Required New graduation requirement for NC students Effective for class of 2015 and beyond Signed into law July 26, 2012 Collection of data begins this year

26 CPR Graduation Requirement FAQ NCWISE AEDs Approved Test Test Options

27 Compressions – The Skills Test  Look, listen, and feel for any signs of breathing.  Position victim for compressions.  Ensure that compressions are performed at a depth of two inches and at a rate of 100 per minute.  Continue compressions until the victim begins breathing again or emergency personnel arrives.

28 CPR Skills Test Delivery Methods

29 Assessment Examples Not used for statewide tests or accountability Review (through August 31, 2012) –Surveys –Written feedback –Revisions made based on feedback –Revised examples available 12/22/12

30 Measures of Student Learning Analysis of Student Work (ASW) –In development –Updates provided as available Please visit the new educator effectiveness website at: For responses to your questions, please email:

31 Which teachers are not giving Measures of Student Learning in 2012 – 2013? Teachers in grades K-3 will not be administering any Measures of Student Learning; grade 3 teachers will continue to administer the End- of-Grade assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Arts teachers will not be administering any Measures of Student Learning. World Language teachers will not be administering any Measures of Student Learning. Healthful Living teachers will not be administering any Measures of Student Learning. There will be pilots of processes for determining growth through the analysis of student work for all of the above content areas, but the results will not be used for educator evaluation.

32 Measuring Student Growth in Healthful Living Account for or reflect... –Performance-based nature of content area and NCES –Varying amounts of instructional time and program configurations –Student outcomes

33 Legislative Update

34 Healthy Youth Act

35 Looking Ahead The Regular Session of the 2013-2014 biennium will convene on January 30, 2013

36 Professional Development

37 Healthful Living Essential Standards PD Plan 2012-13 Quarterly webinars 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Healthful Living Coordinators Meeting September 26 December 12 March 27 May 29 September 26 December 12 March 27 May 29 Laughlin Professional Development Center 7911 Summerfield Rd. Summerfield, NC 27358 November 7, 2012 Laughlin Professional Development Center 7911 Summerfield Rd. Summerfield, NC 27358 November 7, 2012

38 IHE Trainings 1)Meredith College Raleigh October 12, 2012 2)UNC-Wilmington Wilmington December 17, 2012 3)Gardner Webb University Charlotte January 9, 2013 Healthful Living & Athletics Professional Associations –Health –Physical Education –Athletics North Carolina School Health Training Center Healthful Living Essential Standards PD Plan 2012-13

39 Blended PD –Online Learning Modules (NC Education) – RESA Trainings –February and March 2013 –8 Regional Trainings Summer Institutes 2013 –Regional training for local leaders for standards implementation Healthful Living Essential Standards PD Plan 2012-13


41 Building Local Capacity

42 Regional Professional Development Healthful Living District Representative for Summer Institutes/RESAs Regional PD Leads Healthful Living Wiki PD Resources

43 National Update

44 National Standards NASPE/AAHPERD seeking input on National Standards at:

45 Resources

46 NCDPI Wikicentral

47 K-8 Standards Quick Reference Guides for the NC Standard Course of Study

48 12 Days of Physical Education 12 Days of Gym Class – short 12 Days of Gym Class Twelve Days of Fitness Twelve Days of Physical Education Twelve Days of Winter Break

49 12 Days of Health Tips 12 Best Health Tips to Steal from Olympians 12 Days of Health & Wellness The Twelve Days of Good Health

50 Worth 12 Minutes of Your Time Featured Livebinder –Common Core Resources for Physical Education TeachersCommon Core Resources for Physical Education Teachers Way more than 12 good resources. Featured Website – Top 12 Ways to Motivate Students

51 Questions???

52 NCDPI Contact Information Les Spell 919-807-3637 NC Department of Public Instruction - Division of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction K-12 Programs Section Helga Fasciano, Section Chief

53 Please complete the RttT Webinar Survey at by Wednesday December 19, 2012

54 “The digital tools used during the course of this training have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these tools are the exclusive digital tools for the purposes outlined during the training.”

55 Healthful Living Wiki

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