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Bedding and House Plants

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1 Bedding and House Plants
Week 6 Bedding and House Plants

2 Salvia splendens Common Name: Salvia Native to Brazil

3 Growth Habit: annual to tropical perennial
Uses: bedding plant used for height. Great in containers Facts: prolific and durable bloomers, they are not bothered by pests, and are fairly attractive to hummingbirds because of their flower color and shape

4 Flower: Spikes Flower colors: White, salmon, pink, purple/blue, traditional Red Height: 8” to 3’ tall Leaves: Elliptical, serrated, and dark green in color.


6 Tagetes erecta African Marigold Compositate Bedding Plant Tropical


8 Arrangement: Opposite
Type: Compound Shape: Elliptical Margin: Serrated Vein: Pinnate Length: 3-6” Width: 2-4”


10 Life Cycle: Annual Exposure: Sun Growth: Rapid

11 FLOWER Spring Yellow, orange, white FRUIT Seed in flower head


13 CULTURAL PRACTICES Propagate by seed Problems: powdery mildew

14 Viola X wittrockiana Common Name: Pansy
The pansy is a perennial that is grown as an annual by most gardeners . “Flower with a Face”

15 Viola X wittrockiana Height: 4-10” tall depending on variety
Foliage is resistant to frost Leaves are pinnate vein structure, with dentate margins Spatulate shaped leaves Flowers are head or solitary, and come in all colors but black. Face: dark blotches on the flower



18 Aracaria heterophylla’
Common Name: Norfolk Island Pine Family: Araucariaceae Native: Norfolk Island (New Zealand)


20 Life Cycle: Deciduous Classification: House plant Leaf Arrangement: Opposite Leaf Shape: Needle-like Leaf Margin: Entire Vein Pattern: Parallel Compound


22 Flower Color: Insignificant
Root: Fibrous Fruit: Cone Environment: Sun Growth: Medium Zones: 10

23 DESCRIPTION Leaf is a needle, but the plant is not really a pine even though it produces cones

24 Asparagus densiflorus “Sprengeri”
Common Name: Sprengeri Fern



27 Chlorophytum comosum Common Name: Spider Plant


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