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Experiential Activity

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1 Experiential Activity
History Alive! Experiential Activity The Middle Passage

2 Triangular Trade Routes & Mercantilism

3 Cargo hold of a slave ship
Slaves were loaded in a loose pack or tight pack

4 Middle Passage 2.3A Middle Passage — the route slaves took between Africa & America on the triangular trade route. Slaves were traded for: guns, rum, tobacco Toubob -white slave traders Slatee - African slave traders


6 Captured Africans Coffle – a chained line of captured Africans or slaves

7 Slave Trade 2.3B Slave trade was common in Africa.
Slaves were captured by other tribes & sold into slavery. coffle— A line of chained slaves

8 Slave Market on the African Coast

9 West Africa Slave Market
Slaves were often mistreated and considered chattel (property). Branding was common practice

10 Hold of a Slave Ship

11 On Deck

12 Hold of a Slave Ship 2.3D CONDITIONS in the hold of the ship:
crowded, hot, dark, unsanitary conditions and slaves were fed terrible food RESULTS: sickness, disease, and death


14 Slave Rebellion at Sea

15 Rebelling Slaves Thrown Overboard

16 Fear of Rebellion 2.3E Fear of rebellion caused traders to keep slaves in the hold for long periods of time.

17 Public Auction of Slaves

18 Selling Slaves 2.3F Slaves were
often confused due to language barriers, causing poor communication. Inspected like farm animals Sold to the highest bidder

19 Contemporary Slave Trade takes place in Trucks and Container Ships

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