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READY, SET, GO Gearing Up for the 2012 Summer Institutes Trainers' Webinar June 18, 2012.

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1 READY, SET, GO Gearing Up for the 2012 Summer Institutes Trainers' Webinar June 18, 2012

2 Purpose 1)To learn everything you wanted to know about the 2012 Summer Institutes 2)To prepare for the delivery of another high quality professional development experience facilitated by NCDPI 2

3 Tell us… (Use the Questions Bar) 3 1. What are you looking forward to at the 2012 Summer Institutes? 2. What is one thing that gives you apprehension? 3. How do you plan to overcome that apprehension?

4 Summer Institute 3 July 12-13, 2012 West Stokes High School Stokes County Summer Institute 5 July 19-20, 2012 JH Rose High School Pitt County Summer Institute 1 June 21-22, 2012 Enka High School Buncombe County Summer Institute 6 July 24-25, 2012 SanLee Middle School Lee County Summer Institute 4 July 17-18, 2012 Croatan High School Carteret County 2012 Common Core and Essential Standards Summer Institutes North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Summer Institute 2 July 10-11, 2012 Maiden High School Catawba County Schools = 54 hours of PD Reaching over 2,500 leaders From over 75 NCDPI staff members YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! 4



7 THINGS TO REMEMBER Yvette and Robert 7

8 Things to Remember Expect a travel itinerary for each trip. These will be posted to the si2012 wiki no later than the Thursday before the training week begins.si2012 wiki Breakfast and lunch are provided for you and for the participants at each location. Please be sure to sign in daily on the DPI staff check-in sheet. Trainers will not be reimbursed for meals provided at the Institutes The paperwork for your 10-8s and hotel accommodations have been completed. You do not need to turn in hotel receipts. You will complete individual travel reimbursements for mileage and dinner. You will make individual Motor Pool requests for state vehicles. Building access is generally until 6:00pm the day before, 7am-6pm during each Institute. Please wear your gold name badge to every Institute. 8

9 Things to Remember Each content area should communicate with your participants prior to each Institute Facilitated back channel (Trainers ONLY): Videotaping will occur during Summer Institute 3, 4 and 6. RttT Evaluation Team will be gathering information at each Institute. We are guests at each school. LEAs are offering the sites for free. We are lucky to be in their “homes." You will have to move the furniture to suit your training needs. You may also have to return the classroom to the original layout. You are all invited to dinner at Sanitary Fish Market, Morehead City Waterfront, July 17 @ 6:00pm. Email Mary Keel to RSVP by July 6. 9


11 Any final questions? 10

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