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Earth’s Age + Evidence. WARM UP 1)Ch 2A Diagnostic Test 2) Section Quiz: 2.2A.

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1 Earth’s Age + Evidence

2 WARM UP 1)Ch 2A Diagnostic Test 2) Section Quiz: 2.2A

3 Notes Tips and Tricks Anything in yellow PLEASE write down on your notesheet Pictures and diagrams are great things to also draw to help you remember vocab and ideas! Underline or bold words that are underlined or bold in PowerPoint BECAUSE THEY ARE IMPORTANT!

4 How old is the Earth? Earth is around 4.6 BILLION years old.


6 BIG ANSWER: Everything coming up provides an answer to the BIG QUESTION!

7 Law of Superposition Law of Superposition– Under normal conditions, the layers of sediment get older the deeper you get

8 Law of Superposition Just like a layered cake…you put the bottom layer down first, so it is the “oldest” and you fill in each layer on top of it!

9 Law of Superposition OR the laundry you put in the laundry basket every day! Monday’s clothes are the “oldest” and each day gets put on top of that! Draw a laundry basket with clothes to illustrate the concept!

10 We Have a Problem… 2 things can mess up the Law of Superposition: 1 – intrusion 2 – unconformity

11 Intrusion A intrusion is younger than any other rock layer it cuts through. intrusion

12 Unconformity Unconformity- A break or an irregularity in the geologic time sequence A time when no sediment was preserved because it eroded away before it was covered by more sediment OR the ground shifted.

13 Unconformity

14 Unconformity

15 Law of Superposition Practice

16 This shows the Law of Superposition, but what else does it show?

17 NEXT……

18 What is This?

19 Fossils Fossil – traces or remains of living things from long ago Index Fossils – fossils that are used as a “reference” to date other fossils EX: 8 th Gr SC Book

20 Index Fossil Practice

21 Relative Age Relative Age - the age of an event or object in relation to other events or objects –Use words like older, younger, around the same time, etc… EX: My sister is older than me.

22 Absolute Age Absolute Age - The actual age of an event or object –Use techniques to figure out actual age Radioactive dating, carbon dating Lived: 1 million years ago 2 million years ago 3 million years ago 4 million years ago

23 EXAMPLE: Relative dating VS. Numerical dating

24 Questions??


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