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Internet Safety: What’s Cyberbullying?

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1 Internet Safety: What’s Cyberbullying?
Objectives: Students will: Empathize with the targets of cyberbullying. Recognize some of the key similarities and differences between in-person bullying and cyberbullying. Identify strategies for dealing responsibly with cyberbullying.

2 Introduction What are some positive aspects of going online?
Finding information quickly Meeting people with similar interests Communicating with people around the world Having fun What are some of the ways that people hurt other people’s feelings online? Joking comments that people write about others online that may seem like putdowns to others When my friend badgers a girl in class When my friend logs in to my other friend’s account and makes fun of him

3 Video: What is Cyberbullying?

4 Bullying vs. Cyberbullying
How do you think it feels to be bullied, and why? Humiliated, sad, angry, helpless Make a Venn diagram to compare bullying and cyberbullying. cyberbullying bullying

5 Sondra’s Story Please read the following story and be prepared to answer questions about it.

6 Sondra is planning a sleepover to celebrate her birthday
Sondra is planning a sleepover to celebrate her birthday. Her parents have set a limit of eight girls, so Sondra can’t invite everyone she’d like. Two girls who are left out overhear the plans. Angry, they plan their revenge. The girls create a “We Hate Sondra Jones” website. They say that anyone invited to the party should not go. They tell everyone in school the site’s address. The girls invite everyone to add new reasons why they hate Sondra and to spread ugly rumors about her. When Sondra hears about the site, she gets a sick feeling in her stomach. Unable to ignore the site, she checks it often. Each day she finds a new nasty comment or mean joke about her. She feels hurt and powerless to defend herself. Sondra is too embarrassed to go to school and tells her parents she is sick.

7 Sondra’s Story Who are the cyber bullies? Who is the target?
Is this a cyberbullying situation? Why or why not? How do you think Sondra feels? Why do you think the two girls made the mean website about Sondra? Imagine someone saying they hate you in front of a bunch of kids at school. Now imagine someone doing the same thing on the Internet. How are these two situations similar? How are they different? What advice would you give Sondra about how to handle the situation? What do you think the people who are bullying Sondra would say about their behavior?

8 What are some ways to handle a cyberbullying situation?
Sign off the computer. It’s best to ignore the attacks. Don’t respond or retaliate. Cyberbullies often want to get a reaction out of you. Block the bully or take them off your friends list. Save and print the bullying messages in case you need them for evidence. Talk to a friend. Tell a trusted adult.

9 You Can’t Take it Back As you watch the video think about if this is a type of bullying.

10 Video: Photo Fate As you watch the video think about if this is a type of bullying.

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