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Lab Safety. Lab Safety and Procedures Why worry about safety??

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1 Lab Safety

2 Lab Safety and Procedures Why worry about safety??

3 Student Responsibilities Determine the purpose and procedure of the experiment by reading completely the experiment before actually beginning.

4 Student Responsibilities Wear proper protective equipment.

5 Student Responsibilities Be aware of the dangers of long hair, long sleeves, and loose clothing.

6 Student Responsibilities Laboratory groups will be assigned. Remain in your lab group throughout the experiment. Lab activities are team efforts.

7 Student Responsibilities Do the experiments as assigned and in the manner prescribed. Unauthorized experimentation is not permitted.

8 Student Responsibilities Keep your lab and other working areas neat and clean during lab sessions.

9 Student Responsibilities Running, horseplay and practical jokes are NOT allowed. Stay on-task and maintain quiet behavior during lab sessions. Loud and boisterous behavior is not acceptable.

10 Student Responsibilities Know the location and proper use of the emergency safety materials such as the fire blanket, eyewash, and fire extinguisher

11 The teacher MUST be notified IMMEDIATELY of any accident, even if minor.

12 Student Responsibilities All laboratory equipment MUST be properly cleaned, dried and put away at the end of the lab session. This includes lab aprons, goggles, general lab areas, and sinks.

13 Chemical Safety

14 Replace caps on chemical bottles immediately after use.

15 Chemical Safety NEVER return unused solutions or solids to stock containers as they can contaminate the stock chemical. Report suspected contamination to the teacher.

16 Chemical Safety Use paper to protect balance pans. Chemicals SHOULD NOT be placed directly on the balance pan.

17 Chemical Safety Never taste chemicals or drink from laboratory glassware.

18 Draw a Map of the Room Things to include in your map: Goggle Cabinet Shower Eye Wash Sinks Fume Hood Fire Blanket First Aid Kit Fire Extinguisher Exit Call Button for office

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