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NC Race to the Top Arts Education Leaders Webinar February 5, 2013 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

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1 NC Race to the Top Arts Education Leaders Webinar February 5, :30 – 4:30 p.m.

2 Presenters Christie Lynch Ebert Arts Education Consultant (Dance and Music) and NCDPI Liaison to the A+ Schools Program Slater Mapp Arts Education Consultant (Theatre Arts and Visual Arts)

3 TIPS Question box –Participants will be muted during the webinar unless presenting –Please use the question box Questions/Answers –Monitored and answered in question box and/or at the end of webinar Follow-up –Presenters online at conclusion of webinar – /phone –Presentation posted on Website

4 Objectives Updates Upcoming Professional Development Resources Building Local Capacity

5 Let’s Take a Poll!

6 Where are you located? Eastern NC Piedmont/Central NC Western NC

7 What is your role?

8 NCDPI RttT Representatives

9 Vision for Arts Education In today’s globally competitive world, innovative thinking and creativity are essential for all school children. High quality, standards-based instruction in the arts develops these skills and effectively engages, retains, and prepares future-ready students for graduation and success in an entrepreneurial economy. Dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts, taught by licensed arts educators and integrated throughout the curriculum, are critical to North Carolina’s 21st century education.

10 Comprehensive Arts Education

11 NC Arts Education Wiki

12 NCDPI Arts Education Listserv

13 Good News

14 Arts and Celebrations The role of the arts in the Presidential Inauguration At our most essentially American moments, when we want to celebrate most fully and most impressively, we inevitably employ the arts. - ARTSblogARTSblog

15 ASCD Why Arts Education Matters “Arts education should continue to be an integral part of a well-rounded, 21 st century education program that serves to educate the whole child for success in school and beyond.” ASCD members can access online.access online

16 Good News from the Field Teacher of the Year Arts in Our Schools Awards, Recognitions, Celebrations, Festivals, etc. Grants

17 Legislative Updates

18 S724: An Act to Improve Public Education Requires that pre- service elementary teachers and lateral entry teachers are prepared to “integrate arts education across the curriculum”. Outgrowth of H758 Arts Education Commission Wide-scale education legislation Signed into law June 26, 2012

19 S724: An Act to Implement Various Education Reforms Supported by: –Existing Teacher Ed Requirements (Policy) –NC Teacher Evaluation (Policy) –Previous Legislation –National Reports NC Legislation and Policy and the Preparation of Elementary Teachers to Integrate the Arts

20 Looking ahead The Regular Session of the biennium began January 30, 2013

21 State Updates

22 Measures of Student Learning Analysis of Student Work (ASW) –In development –Updates provided as available Please visit the new educator effectiveness website at: For responses to your questions, please

23 Home Base

24 Send questions or comments to:

25 National Updates

26 National Standards National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) Wiki:

27 National Standards Media Arts Dance Music Theatre Arts Visual Arts

28 What is Media Arts? Moving Image – Cinema/Video/Animation – narrative, non-narrative, environmental, experimental Imaging Design – digital process-based imagery, code enhanced (e.g. the image has code embedded in it for interactive and adaptive purposes) Sound Design – digital process-based aural synthesis and engineering Interactive Design – web, game, sensory-tech, creative code Multimedia and Intermedia – additive and hybridizing mixtures Virtual Design – 3D, 4D, 5D (spatial, animated, non-linear, interactive) environments, structures and experiences The Inclusion of Media Arts in Next Generation Arts Standards

29 National Standards Guiding Framework released January 2013

30 NASBE Partners with AEP on Arts Education Policy Portal Designed to help state boards of education develop evidence-based policy Available on: Arts Education State Policy Database and ArtsEdSearchArts Education State Policy DatabaseArtsEdSearch Available in 2 nd quarter of 2013

31 Data Collection in Dance K12 Data Collection Form Help NDEO build a detailed database to accurately capture contact and demographic information for K-12 schools in our country that offer dance education (in any form).

32 Professional Development

33 Arts Education Essential Standards Professional Development Professional Development Quarterly webinars –3:30 – 4:30 p.m minutes for questions Arts Education Coordinators September 5 December 5 February 6 May 1 September 5 December 5 February 6 May 1 Raleigh: September 28, 2012 Onslow County: April 29, 2013 Raleigh: September 28, 2012 Onslow County: April 29, 2013

34 Blended PD –Online Learning Modules (NC Education) – RESA Training –February and March 2013 –8 Regional Trainings Summer Institutes 2013 –Regional training for local leaders for standards implementation Arts Education Essential Standards PD Plan


36 RESAs 2013 Region 1: February 5, 2013 – Elizabeth City, NC Region 2: February 12, 2013 – Wallace, NC Region 3: February 26, 2013 – Raleigh, NC Region 4: February 19, 2013 – Southern Pines, NC Region 5: March 5, 2013 – Greensboro, NC Region 6: March 12, 2013 – Charlotte, NC Region 7: March 21, 2013 – Northern Wilkesboro, NC Region 8: March 19, 2013 – Candler, NC

37 Summer Institutes 2013 July 8-9 Region 2 Greenville Convention Center 303 SW Greenville Blvd. Greenville, NC July 8-9 Region 6 Hilton Charlotte University Hotel 8629 JM Keynes Drive Charlotte, NC July Region 1 July Region 8 July Region 4 Sheraton Imperial Convention Center 4700 Emperor Blvd. Durham, NC July Region 5 Koury Convention Center 3121 High Point Road at I-40 Greensboro, NC July Region 3 July Region 7

38 Resources

39 NCDPI Wikicentral

40 K-8 Standards Quick Reference Guides for the NC Standard Course of Study

41 Building Local Capacity

42 Evaluation Please complete the RttT Webinar survey, available online at:

43 NCDPI Arts Education Christie Lynch Ebert Arts Education Consultant (Dance and Music) and NCDPI Liaison to the A+ Schools Program Slater Mapp Arts Education Consultant (Theatre Arts and Visual Arts) Brenda Wheat Whiteman A+ Arts Education Specialist

44 “The digital tools used during the course of this training have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these tools are the exclusive digital tools for the purposes outlined during the training.”

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