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NC Arts Education Leaders Webinar Christie Lynch Ebert, Arts Education Consultant and A+ Liaison, NCDPI Brenda Wheat Whiteman, A+ Arts Education Specialist,

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1 NC Arts Education Leaders Webinar Christie Lynch Ebert, Arts Education Consultant and A+ Liaison, NCDPI Brenda Wheat Whiteman, A+ Arts Education Specialist, NCDPI December 7, 2011 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

2 TIPS Chat box/Question box –Participants will be muted during the webinar unless presenting –Please use the chat box or question box Questions/Answers –Monitored and answered in question box and/or at the end of webinar Follow-up –Presenters online at conclusion of webinar –Email/phone –Presentation posted on Website

3 Presenters Christie Lynch Ebert Arts Education Consultant and A+ Liaison 919-807-3856 Brenda Wheat Whiteman A+ Arts Education Specialist 919-807-3820

4 Webinar Archives/Resources http://ances.ncdpi.

5 Let’s Take a Poll!

6 Where are you located? Eastern NC Piedmont/Central NC Western NC

7 What is your role?

8 NCDPI Summer Institutes

9 AGENDA Instructional Tools: Graphic Organizers Updates: –Legislation –Course Coding –License Renewal Questions/ Discussion Blended PD Plan/Resources Next Steps

10 Arts Education Graphic Organizers Review period: –December 10, 2011 – January 20, 2012 Details in NCDPI Arts Education Update

11 Arts Education Graphic Organizers Organization: –Introduction –Samples – Black Line Masters Purpose - to assist students with: –understanding and organizing concepts –recording and documenting understandings

12 Arts Education Graphic Organizers Can be used: –as a springboard to assist students with their understanding of the North Carolina Arts Education Essential Standards –in Arts Education and General Education Classrooms –in Multiple Grades and Disciplines –to address a Comprehensive Arts Education (arts education, arts integration, arts exposure)

13 Arts Education Graphic Organizers History and Culture –Early/Upper Elementary and Middle Grades – the Arts and Social Studies –High School – Cultural Influences The Creative Process The Elements –(Dance, Music, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts)

14 Upper Elementary: Arts Education Pottery in NC Places Types and Purposes Artists Resources and techniques Tools

15 Upper Elementary: Arts Education Pottery in NC Places: Seagrove (hand-crafted), Catawba Valley (hand-crafted), Old Time Pottery (mass-produced) Types and Purposes: Earthenware (red ware), Stoneware, Creamware, Utilitarian, Decorative/ Artware Artists: Cherokee and Catawba tribes, Aust (Moravian), Adam (British), Craig (Vail, NC) Resources and techniques: NC clay, glazes (salt, lead, alkaline, "tobacco spit"),pit firing, burnishing Tools: wooden paddle,, treadlewheel, kickwheel, electric turning wheel, kiln

16 Upper Elementary: General Education DanceMusic Theatre Arts Visual Arts

17 Upper Elementary: General Education Outdoor symphonic drama (Unto These Hills, The Lost Colony), TV (Andy Griffith Show), Appalachian Storytelling, Professional Theatre Andy Griffith, Ava Gardner, Evan Rachel Wood Screen Gems Studio, NC Shakespeare Festival, Flat Rock Playhouse, Actors Theatre of Charlotte, National Black Theater Festival Pottery, Crafts, Quilting, Folk Arts, Blown Glass, Metals, Textiles, Drawing, Painting Bob Timberlake, Thomas Sayre, John Biggers, Romare Bearden NC Museum of Art, Seagrove, Penland School, Mint Museum of Art, Cameron Art Museum, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Folk Art Festivals, Fine Art Shows Bluegrass, Beach Music, Symphonic Music, Blues, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Opera James Taylor, Thelonious Monk, Scotty McCreery, Doc Watson, John Brown, Jennifer Welch-Babidge, The Embers, Carolina Brass, Roberta Flak Meymandi Concert Hall (NC Symphony), MerleFest, High Country Music Fest, Beach Music Festivals, Eastern Music Festival, Pine Cone, Belk Theatre (Opera Carolina) Clogging, Shag Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Square Dance, Contra Dance, Ritual Dance, Highland Dance Chuck Davis (African American Dance Ensemble), Jeanne Ruddy (Martha Graham Company), Alban Elved Dance Company Carolina Ballet, NC Dance Theatre, NC Dance Festival, American Dance Festival (Durham), Pine Cone, Festival of Native Peoples, Pow Wows, etc. DanceMusic Theatre Arts Visual Arts

18 High School Focus of Study (artist, event, or art form ) ___________________________________________________________________ –Characteristics –People, Group, or Region originally associated with this artist, event, or art form. INFLUENCESCONNECTIONSIMPACT - Factors that influenced this artist, event, or art form - Where else is this artist, event, or art form seen? - Who are the other artists later associated with this artist, event, or art form? - How are these different from the original? - Things this artist, event, or art form influenced (political movements, other art forms or representations, other artists or important people, economics, civic ideals, cultural beliefs and values, etc.). WORLD History, Culture, Civics, Economics UNITED STATES History, Culture, Civics, Economics

19 High School Time Period WORLD UNITED STATES

20 The Creative Process BrainstormingCreating Revising to Communicate Clearly Editing for Technical Aspects Performing, Publishing, or Sharing

21 The Elements

22 Dance Body EnergySpaceTime Body parts and shapes

23 NCDPI Updates

24 S66: Comprehensive Arts Education Components Arts Education –(arts as core, academic subjects) Arts Integration –(arts as a catalyst for learning across the curriculum) Arts Exposure –(exposure to arts experiences)

25 H758: Establish Arts Education Commission Signed into law by the Governor on June 24, 2011. Visit the NC General Assembly website ( - search H758. Report. – The Commission shall report its findings and recommendations to the 2012 Regular Session of the 2011 NCGA no later than May 1, 2012. &BillID=H758

26 K-12 Dance Music Theatre Arts Visual Arts Arts Education Essential Standards PD Plan 2011-12

27 Quarterly webinars –3:30 – 4:30 p.m. + 15 minutes for questions Arts Education Coordinators Meetings September 21 December 7 February 8 May 9 September 21 December 7 February 8 May 9 Raleigh: September 30, 2011 Winston-Salem: March 23, 2012 Raleigh: September 30, 2011 Winston-Salem: March 23, 2012

28 IHE training –October 7 - Raleigh –October 10 - Wilmington –October 13 – Boone A+ Schools Program –Ongoing support and alignment –Continued collaboration between NCDPI/NCDCR Arts Education Professional Associations –Dance –Music –Theatre Arts –Visual Arts Arts Education Essential Standards PD Plan 2011-12

29 Region 4Southern PinesFebruary 16, 2012 Region 5ClemmonsMarch 8, 2012 Region 7WilkesboroMarch 9, 2012 Region 6CharlotteMarch 12, 2012 Region 3RaleighMarch 14, 2012 Region 2WallaceMarch 19, 2012 Region 1WilliamstonMarch 20, 2012 Region 8CandlerMarch 26, 2012 RESA Trainings Arts Education Essential Standards PD Plan 2011-12

30 Healthful Living Essential Standards PD Plan 2011-12 Summer Institutes 2012 Locations and Dates LocationsDates Summer Institute 1 Enka High School 475 Enka Lake Road Candler, NC (Buncombe County) Thursday, June 21-Friday, June 22 Summer Institute 2 Maiden High School 600 West Main Street Maiden, NC (Catawba County) Tuesday, July 10-Wednesday, July 11 Summer Institute 3 West Stokes High School 1400 Priddy Road King, NC (Stokes County) Thursday, July 12-Friday, July 13 Summer Institute 4 Croatan High School 1 Cougar Lane/3355 Hwy 24 Newport, NC (Carteret County) Tuesday, July 17-Wednesday, July 18 Summer Institute 5 South Central High School 570 W. Forlines Rd Winterville, NC (Pitt County) Thursday, July 19-Friday, July 20 Summer Institute 6SanLee Middle School 2309 Tramway Rd. Sanford, NC (Lee County) Tuesday, July 24-Wednesday, July 25

31 Summer Institute 3 July 12-13, 2012 West Stokes High School Stokes County Summer Institute 5 July 19-20, 2012 South Central High School Pitt County Summer Institute 1 June 21-22, 2012 Enka High School Buncombe County Summer Institute 6 July 24-25, 2012 SanLee Middle School Lee County Summer Institute 4 July 17-18, 2012 Croatan High School Carteret County 2012 Common Core and Essential Standards Summer Institutes North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Summer Institute 2 July 10-11, 2012 Maiden High School Catawba County Schools

32 CCSS and NCES Resources Accountability and Curriculum Reform Effort (ACRE) website: –Standards (all areas) –Instructional tools (all areas)

33 Instructional Tools Available now:  Crosswalks  Unpacking the Standards  I Can Statements by Content Area In development:  Graphic Organizers (Review Period)  Formative Assessment Strategies  ArtsFolio/Student Profile  Learning Progressions/Learning Maps  Terminologies  Other Tools

34 CCSS/NCES Resources Wiki sites All areas: Arts Education: Online learning modules –

35 Course Coding Update Highlights: –Beginning, Intermediate, Proficient, Advanced courses in each discipline –Specialization by proficiency level in each discipline –Proficient and Advanced inherently honors (requires policy revision) –AP and IB retain separate designations –Submissions due 12/7/11 – anticipated availability: January 2012

36 National Standards National Standards completed in 1994 National effort underway for re-conceptualization of the standards Targeted release is late fall 2012 SEADAE:

37 NC Licensure Requirements TCP-A-005 –NCGA passed legislation: 7.5 CEU credits per renewal cycle, effective 8/1/11 –SBE committee established –SBE policy approved (November 2011)

38 NC Licensure Requirements TCP-A-005 requires:TCP-A-005 –1 renewal credit for literacy –1 renewal credit in the academic subject area –5.5 general credits (not to include years of experience) at the discretion of the LEA if employed

39 NCDPI Support and Alignment for the A+ Schools Program Data Collection Collaboration Professional Development

40 Michelle Burrows | Director A+ Schools Program tel: 919.807.6503

41 Opportunities 2012 COLLABORATIVE CONFERENCE ON STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT –All submissions must be received by 5pm on Friday, January 6, 2012 HARRISON INTRODUCES NEW "CELEBRATE NC SCHOOLS" WEBSITE –

42 Implementing the Standards

43 Next Steps Continue to participate in webinars, RESA training, Arts Education Coordinator Meetings, and Summer Institutes Use the Wiki pace to network and share resources Provide input and feedback into the development of instructional tools and support Let us know your needs!

44 Questions and Closing Questions??? –Thank you for joining us! –This Webinar presentation will be posted on the Arts Education wiki site. –If you have feedback about the virtual meeting format, please let us know. Please feel free to log off when you are ready, or, stay and ask questions…

45 NCDPI Contact Information Christie Lynch Ebert Ph: 919-807-3856 Brenda Wheat Whiteman Ph: 919-807-3820

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