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A boy and a war By: Lauren Poore and Natalie Fusaro.

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1 A boy and a war By: Lauren Poore and Natalie Fusaro

2 It was around 1750 when talk of war came about. John lived on a farm in the colonies with his family. His family included him, his mom, dad and brother. They were like every family near there. They owned horse’s wagons and settles where England said to. They love each other very much. John loved his home.

3 He worked hard in the fall to build a log cabin for his mom. His dad helped him but John was determined to do it on his own. Knowing how hard he worked helped him feel accomplished. John hated talk of war. He had always thought that it turned loving, kind people into mean and rude people. One day some people John had never seen before showed up.

4 They rode horses and wore bright red jackets. No one knew their business being there. Then the shot of a gun boomed sound through their small settlement and they knew it meant war. Soon enough most of the men and boys were off to fight. With little supplies they knew they would never survive against the British.

5 They soon understood many conflicts led by the king of England. John knew was a true American and he wanted to be a patriot like his older brother Thomas. On the other hand his dad had different plans. His dad wanted to be a loyalist. He believed in their government.

6 He did not believe in feud but he knew he had to fight. Soon the war came and his brother and dad went to fight for separate sides. Many months passes in the small cabin when finally horses’ hooves sounded through the valley. It was his dad along with many other men coming home early! John didn’t see his brother. Thoughts raced through his head and he thought, he knew, that his brother was probably lost to the war.

7 Another month passed and horses hooves passed through the valley again. He saw dirty men who looked ready to be home, to be safe. Then he saw something he had only dreamed of.

8 He saw his brothers face peak through the orange sun and his heart gained wings and he soared to a happy place, with his brother.

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