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Chapter 13 A: Jacksonian Democracy

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1 Chapter 13 A: Jacksonian Democracy

2 Era of Good Feeling ENDS
Corrupt Bargain (1824) ____________ (Dem-Republican) (reform and expansion) (South and West) ____________ (Republican) ___________ (Republican) (architect of the ___________/ _________________) ___________ (National - Republican) (Northeast) *__________________appeared as Vice President for Both Adams and Jackson Story: Electoral College was not won and the popular vote went to Jackson (followed by Quincy Adams, Crawford then Clay) Henry Clay (Speaker of the House) (12th Amendment) had to appoint from the top 2 vote getters - Secret Meeting = Clay and Adams (no proof) Clay Appoints Quincy Adams as President and, in return, Clay is appointed __________________ Benefit: history shows 3 of 4 secretary of states became President Appearance: John Quincy Adams “___________” Henry Clay and angry Jacksonians claimed Quincy Adams had stolen the Presidency

3 John Quincy Adams as President: 1824-1828
John Q. Adams’ Platform ______________(2) _______________(3) __________________ *all promoted by rising tariffs / Benefit to ____________________________ (2) ________________________(suffrage)/ enlarging the voting population *****BEFORE = ownership of _______ proved you could vote! Left out: _______________________________________ Less requirements for voting = the ability for certain groups to express opinions! In turn – larger voter population ***** This fell into the lap of Andrew Jackson – since he was for the “______________________ or the poor statesman” Success in 1828 for Jackson “___________________” election is considered the first Modern Presidency Election (kissing babies and shaking hands, mudslinging, parades, bbqs, buttons, etc.). Adams was reserved and cold-hearted…Jackson was the opposite

4 Jackson as President in 1828 ____________________
“OLD HICKORY” – nicknamed due to his sturdiness, loyalty, and roughness *********SPOILS SYSTEM******** to throw out former appointees and replace them with personal friends! (from Q. Adam’s presidency) Support for Jackson – get a job! “To the Victor Belong the Spoils” – meaning if you win the Presidency, you can do WHATEVER you want! “_____________________” **** No longer an issue in the U.S because of the ______________________________– most significant and pressured legislation Passed in the _________(corruption) age of American history. - P.C.A. = government jobs are based on a “______________” Rationale / defense for the Spoils System: (1) ___________________________________________ (2) Assured loyalty to the president (3) ___________________________________________ “Throw their rascals out, and out our rascals in” *Most famous victim: ________________– Customs Collector in New York, left for England with his accounts more than a million dollars short

5 Rising Tariffs and South Carolina Exposition
Originally known as ____________________, after years of raising this tariff, the South began to resent the North, the rich, and the Federal government. Benefits/Reactions / Drawbacks: NORTH = __________________________________________________________ SOUTH = Forced the South to buy ________________from the North Protests: Flags flown at half-mast (_________________________) WEST = Rising property values / _____________________ South Carolina Exposition Secretly written by ______________________(VP of Andrew Jackson) – strengthened the _________________________________resolutions! This pamphlet urged _______________________ Leads to what is known as the ____________________________ IMPORTANT: Never used “_______________” but Confederacy Tension rises between Jackson and Calhoun

6 Jackson and Congressional response to Nullification and S.C. Expo.
Andrew Jackson threatens to “HANG” Southern leaders if their people DO NOT pay into the Tariff (tax) / start war on his own ____________________________________ (*)The “_______________” will _______________ after 8 years (North gets what it wants now, but in the end, the South will feel the relief of tariff pressure) The ____________ Bill of 1833 (_____________ BILL) Congress granted power to the _____________ to use any force necessary to collect the “_____________” tax from the South during this “Nullification Crisis”


8 Native Americans Under Washington and ‘then’ Jackson
Native American trends / issues under Washington Washington: _____________________________________________________ Much ______________________for Native Americans “___________________________________” Native Americans *Think of perception to the rest of the world _____________________ 1787 – _________________________________________________ Goal = send missionaries to invest time and God into the lives of Indians Congressional response: $20,000 for promotion in the advancement of ____________________________________________________

9 Native Americans Under Washington and ‘then’ Jackson
During Jackson’s Presidency: 125,000 Indians East of the Mississippi River Jackson: __________________________ WILL NOT work “_____________” removal / push them West of the Mississippi River / _____________________ *Cherokee in Georgia gradually abandoned their lifestyle and adopted the following: (*) Cherokee alphabet, government and cotton planters (assimilation)..leads to the 5 “Civilized” tribes (1)Cherokee (2) Creek (3) Chickasaw (4) Choctaw (5) Seminole

10 Native American and White Settler Relationship Worcester V
Native American and White Settler Relationship Worcester V. Georgia (1832) Cherokee Fight Back _________________________________ Story: The state of Georgia claims the Cherokee council was illegal and asserted its own jurisdiction over the Cherokee Samuel ______________ (MISSIONARY) refused to move out of Georgia! RESULT OF CASE: The court ruled that the Cherokee nation was a “__________________" with self-government "in which the laws of ______________ will have no force." American Indian affairs are controlled by the _______________________ and not the states Jackson’s thoughts on John Marshall’s decision “_____________________________________________________________!” *Tension between President and Supreme Court

11 Indian Removal _______________________(1830)
- forced removal of American Indians into __________________ Indian removal ( ) White “Defense” – this is a gift / you are absolutely “free” of White encroachment Trail of Tears famous trail from Georgia to Oklahoma (4,000 Indians of 15,000 died) ________________________(1836) - established to administer relations with Native Americans and White Americans ___________________(Location______________________________________) - Sauk and Fox tribes “resisted ____________”while Seminoles escape to the everglades in Florida Civil War connection: Abraham Lincoln of Illinois and Jefferson Davis of Mississippi.


13 BANK WAR / __________________
Andrew Jackson held the common western view of a ________________________. Jackson DOES NOT HATE ALL BANKS! – just monopolistic ones (BOUS) The B.O.U.S. (Northern) minted “_________________" (actual metal money) Hard Money = ____________________ in the economy The Southern farmers preferred “____________________" (paper money) that would lead to (1) ______________, and (2) __________________________. Nicholas Biddle (_________________________) B.O.U.S. president carried out bank policies of coining hard money Banks notes held more value than smaller state banks (Pet Banks) Why does Jackson hate the B.O.U.S???? (1) Only helped the privileged (2) B.O.U.S. = unfair to state banks (3) Stockholders earned interest, not average taxpayer Clay USES Jackson as a PAWN - re charters the Bank in 1832, HOPING Jackson will react IF JACKSON VETOES: Alienate the _________________ IF JACKSON SIGNS: Alienate the ___________________ Jackson’s Action to Bank of the U.S. – VETOES and claims Jackson’s VETO Defense: ___________________________! “The Bank is trying to kill me, but I will kill it!” *Remember McCulloch V. Maryland *** Initial steps to destroy the Bank of U.S. = Take deposits OUT and put them into “pet” or Wildcat banks (done while Congress was in recess)

14 1832 Presidential Election / Death of Bank of the United States
Important Issues _________________is re elected Emergence of the FIRST 3rd Party in American political history (Anti-Masonic / anti-Jackson / Jackson was a Mason ) _____________________________= American people voted for Party Candidate / not a back-room shady group DEATH OF B.O.U.S. = After re election, Jackson begins taking out or withdrawing federal deposits in the B.O.U.S. and places them in “Pet Banks” *_________________________________ - used dwindling funds from the BOUS to help pay for government expenses - “_______________________” – Nicholas Biddle quickly withdrew the funds (that he could grab) to cause a panic to show the importance of the bank to the United States!

15 Whigs Whigs – separate, alternative political party that HATED Jackson (Did not like way he handled the bank issues) a) ______________________________________ b) pro _______________ / pro ___________________ c) wants to ___________________ d) absorbed _____________________ e) LOVED the American System, especially Internal Improvements, but the rich should pay for them, not the South! (no new taxes) Deemed Jackson “King Andrew I” 1836 – Martin Van Buren (President) focused on becoming for the “common man” and the claimed the Democrats stood for “Corruption”

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