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HISTORY OF OLYMPIC GAMES By: Vanessa Signe Salome.

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1 HISTORY OF OLYMPIC GAMES By: Vanessa Signe Salome

2  The olympic games are sports played in summer and winter.  In different years a different amount of Olympic games are played in different countries. THESE ARE THE REASONS FOR OLYMPIC GAMES In the past Olympics was used to honor the gods of the world. They used to build statues for the gods when they wanted the Olympic games to be organized. In the present we do the Olympics to compete and find out who the best athlete is. There are many reasons for the Olympics such as: Health, fitness, fun,entertainment and money. WHAT ARE THE OLYMPICS

3 WHY THE OLYMPICS ARE IMPORTANT  Olympic games are important because it helps you stay in good shape and it works really well for entertainment and being in the Olympics is a great job for earning money.

4 WHY OLYMPIC GAMES HAVE CHANGED Olympic games have changed for the reason of safety. Another reason is because they wanted the games to be more convenient. HOW OLYMPIC GAMES CHANGED Olympics used to be really dangerous. Today we have games that are less violent. In the past people put slaves in a rink with two lions and then they would have to fight for their lives.

5 WHO AND WHERE OLYMPIC SPORTS WAS INVENTED  Olympic sports was first invented invented in Greece in 776 but the first modern olympic sports was invented in France.  A man from France named Pierre De Coubertin invented the first modern olympic sports.  Zeus’s son Hercules invented Olympic sports because

6 HOW OLYMPICS IS STILL RELEVANT TODAY  Olympic games are still relevant today because we still compete in them all over the world. }


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