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Rise of Dictators.

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1 Rise of Dictators

2 1. Stalin’s Soviet Union Joseph Stalin
Came to power after Lenin died in 1924 Worked to turn the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state

3 b. The 5 Year Plans 1928- The first of the 5 Year Plans began
Each factory and mine had production goals that were set by the state Plans reflected the Soviet system of central planning Government makes major decisions about the production of goods Did increase Soviet industrial output

4 c. Collectivization Stalin wanted to increase Soviet farm output
Wanted to combine the small farms into larger, mechanized farms This is called collectivization Peasants resisted when Stalin tried to take the land back after Lenin had given it to them Stalin responded with violence He executed thousands Sent others to Siberia to work in the Gulag (labor camps)

5 d. Political Purges Stalin had absolute power by the mid 1930s
Feared people were plotting against him Began the campaign known as either the Great Terror or the Great Purge Stalin would attack both real and imagined opponents to his rule

6 e. Totalitarian Rule Children were encouraged to join youth organizations where they were taught the attitudes and beliefs that Soviet leaders wanted them to have. Religion was discouraged and many churches were closed Portraits of Stalin decorated public places Promoted a cult personality which allowed him to gain a strangle hold over Soviet society

7 2. Hitler’s Germany Postwar Germany
Germany formed a new government called the Weimar Republic Very unpopular with the Germans Blamed them for the humiliating Versailles Treaty Also blamed for the economic problems that overwhelmed Germany after the war

8 b. Hitler’s Early Career
Adolf Hitler Born in Austria in 1889 Served in the German army in WWI Joined the Nationalist Socialist Party or the Nazi party

9 ii. Nazis Hitler discovered he had a talent for public speaking and leadership Became a key figure in the party

10 iii. October 1923- led an attempt to overthrow the German government
Effort failed and he was given a short prison term While in prison wrote “Mein Kampf” or “My Struggle” Dealt with major political ideas German nationalism Racial superiority of the German people, called Aryans

11 c. Hitler gains power Continued to work to gain power after being released from prison The Great Depression The effects of this helped his cause People were desperate for a strong leader

12 iii. Promised to rebuild Germany’s military
iv. Nazi’s gained strength during the early 1930s v Hitler is appointed to the position of chancellor The most powerful position within the German government

13 d. Hitler controls Germany
Crushed opponents Many are arrested Others were intimidated by the Nazis Through these means Hitler is able to gain dictatorial power Rule will become totalitarian Propaganda Used to build a cult personality that glorified Hitler as the Fuhrer (leader)

14 iv. Used Nazi youth organizations to shape young minds to pledge complete loyalty to Hitler and Germany v. Rebuilt the military and improved the economy vi. Issued strict wage control and massive government spending on public works programs to help reduce unemployment

15 e. Nazi anti-Semitism Key component to Nazi system. Anti-Semitism is hostility or prejudice against Jews Jews were blamed for many of Germany’s problems Christian hostility had existed in Europe since the Middle Ages Nazis will combine this and began to believe that the Jews were a separate race

16 iv. Hitler will pass many laws aimed at excluding the Jews from mainstream German life during the 1930s Prohibited Jews from marrying Germans Nuremburg Laws Created a separate legal status for German Jews Eliminated their citizenship and many civil and property rights Limited the type of jobs they could have Defined Jewish ancestry to one’s grandparents and not religious beliefs

17 v. Kristallnacht Also known as the Night of the Broken Glass
On the nights of Nov. 9-10, 1938, Nazis encouraged anti-Jewish riots across Germany and Austria Thousands of Jewish businesses and places of worship were damaged and destroyed

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