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READY OR NOT Objective - Examine the impact of technological advances to food production, availability, preparation, and nutrition.

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1 READY OR NOT Objective - Examine the impact of technological advances to food production, availability, preparation, and nutrition

2 Terms of Endearment Record these main ideas in your notes – Science – the study of the physical world at all levels, including the findings and knowledge that result form such studies – Technology – the practical application of scientific knowledge. “Science in Action!” – Food Science –the scientific study of food and its preparation

3 Manufactured Foods 1.Analogs – foods made to imitate actual foods. Often TSP (Textured soy protein) is used to create meatless “meats.”

4 Manufactured Foods cont 2. Formed Products – food made from an inexpensive source and processed to imitate a more expensive food. (example – white fish flavored and shaped to resemble crab meat.

5 Manufactured Foods cont 3. Egg substitute – made from egg white

6 Technology Advances in Packaging Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) – A mixture of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen is insterted into the packagebefore sealing to slow bacterial growth.

7 Technology Advances in Packaging Aseptic Packages consist of layers of plastic, paperboard, and aluminum foil. The food and package are sterilized separately and rapidly. The food is then packaged under sterile conditions.

8 Technology Advances in Packaging Retort Packaging – Flexible packages also made of aluminum foil and plastic film. Food is placed in the pouch and both are heat processed. Pouches can be used to store food after opening and some can be microwaved.

9 Technology Advances in Packaging Slide zippers Ready to cook vegie packaging Squeeze tubes

10 Technology Advances in Transportation Computer controlled storage compartments for shipping Containers made with VIP (vacuum insulation panels), an extremely thin plastic or Styrofoam layer coated with a metallic film, can keep ice cream frozen for a week.

11 Technology Advances in Production Genetic Engineering – A process whereby genes are removed from one organism, such as a plant, animal or microorganism and transferred to another one. Alias – GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms – GMF – Genetically Modified Foods – Bioengineered foods h?v=qU8XrioF4CE&feature=relat ed h?v=qU8XrioF4CE&feature=relat ed 2 min – a trailer

12 What are the advantages of Genetic Engineering in the food chain? What are the disadvantages of Genetic Engineering in the food chain? Career Close Up With one or two partners use class resources to find the answer to your assigned question. Keep a list of sources. Be ready to present in 30 minutes. Can you make it interesting?

13 Pick a Role Genetic Engineering - It’s Up for a Vote Lobbyist for Biotech Company Congressman or Congress woman m/watch?v=jNezTsrC Y0Q 10 min FDA agent President of United States A Person with peanut allergy

14 Cloned Foods – a genetic copy of an organism, affecting meat, dairy and egg products 3458/#storyContinued

15 Food Technology Advances in Nutrition Enrichment – replaces nutrients lost during processing Fortification – adds nutrients to the food not normally present (vitamin D is added to milk) Functional foods – provide additional benefits to improve health Functional foods

16 Functional Foods Categories “Designer Foods” / Nutraceuticals Food that claims special health benefits – Natural –whole foods – grapes, broccoli, oats are examples of foods that appear to have certain health advantages – Enhanced – food with substances – New foods – example special margarine that lowers cholesterol – Food created by science – example a genetically engineered to contain more lycopene

17 Technology Advances in the Kitchen Ergonomics – the study of ways to make space and equipment easier and more comfortable to use. – Results in body comfort and savings of time and energy

18 Technology Advances in the Kitchen Appliances are more reliable, easier to use, and energy efficient. Smart appliances contain a computer chip that monitors their own workings and lets you program their functions.

19 Computers in the Kitchen Computers store recipes, create menus, and organize shopping lists. They can keep track of what’ in your kitchen and what you spent on it. Nutrition information is available. You can even shop on line for foods.

20 Food Technology Tradeoffs Positives Negatives More variety of foods More options and ease for those with disabilities New processes create by-products that must be managed Not all businesses can compete with tech services New decisions means the need to educate yourself constantly

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