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By Timothy L. Kirkpatrick Network Support Engineer.

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1 By Timothy L. Kirkpatrick Network Support Engineer

2 To discuss how to use Flip, Video, and Digital Cameras and how these items can be integrated into classroom instruction.

3 Recording Tips Recording Checklist How to use Classroom Instruction on the Web/Incorporating Videos into Wikis How to Align Classroom Instruction with Moodle assignments

4 Keep the Camera Steady  Each camera comes equip with a tripod mount.  Capture a steady picture by leaning against a wall or standing in a well balanced position.  Avoid walking. Let the student walk to you. Light & Background  Avoid distracting objects that can be seen in behind your focus target.  When shooting outdoors keep the sun behind the camera  Do not place bright lights behind your focal point.

5 Sound  The microphone is built into the camera, get as close to the subject as possible to obtain excellent sound quality.  Place external sound behind the subject not the camera Note: If filming outside use a card or reflector to block wind sounds.

6 Items to check before filming  Check battery status  Test Sound(Record to test sound)  Record the shot (Shoot at least 5 seconds extra at the beginning and end of each scene.)

7 Online educational environments stimulate learners to dig for information and practical examples thus more efficiently meeting educational objectives by making the learner the center of the educational experience. Virtual learning makes it easier for students to review classroom material on a continual bases.

8 Create an interactive environment by adding videos to your wiki. Recording classroom instruction may not only increase student participation, it may reduce class disruption and increase student performance. “Not to mention enhance the appearance of your wiki.”

9 To add a video to your wiki Step 1: Select mange wiki on the left side of your wiki page or select edit Step 2: Under content select “Files" or in edit mode select file. Step 3: Select “Upload Files”(you can upload as many files as needed at one time) Step 4: Return to your wiki page select “File” choose file type and begin adding files to your page. Step 5: Save you work For more information please visit:


11 Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS) also know as Learning Management System(LMS). Moodle includes a wide variety of ways in which both teachers and students can add media. A teacher, for example, might include a video or sound file in a Lesson or Quiz which could then form the basis of a set of questions. Video Audio Images Embedding content


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