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Mr. Sullivan.  Sws Sws.

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1 Mr. Sullivan

2  Sws Sws

3  Born in 1367 in Lancashire, England  Father was the third surviving son of Edward III  Mother was daughter of Henry III  When Henry was 11 his cousin became king, Richard II (Picture from

4  Henry’s mother and father were both of royal blood  Cousin became king in 1377  Gave Henry the titles of earl of Derby and duke of Hereford (Picture from crown.html ) crown.html

5  Cousin King Richard II gave Henry his titles  This did not stop Henry from becoming an opponent to the crown  The King and the group of dissenters became entangled in a power struggle  Henry’s father settles the matter but then dies  Richard then expels Henry and takes away his inheritence and estate  Henry uses this as an excuse to invade and ousts Richard and takes over

6  Henry used his descent from Henry III to claim rights to the throne  This was not a legitimate claim  Needed to rule with fear to keep control  Put down many rebellions violently  Executed many who were dissenters in the kingdom (Picture from Henry_IV_of_England) Henry_IV_of_England

7  Henry became ill towards the end of his reign  Was thought to be leprosy but could have been syphilis  He survived the rebellions and political struggles  Died in 1412 at age 45  Was succeed by his son, Henry V

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