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Warm-up Quiz 2.

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1 Warm-up Quiz 2

2 Warm-up #4 Question: Which theme describes how humans adapt, depend, and modify to their environment? HEI Movement Region Place

3 Warm-up #1 Question: What is the main line of longitude? Equator
Prime Meridian Arctic Circle North Pole

4 Warm-up #2 Question: List the 5 Themes of Geography?
Think of MR HELP to name them.

5 Warm-up #3 Question: Which theme describe what its like there talking about its physical and human characteristics? Movement HEI Place Location

6 Warm-up #4 Question: Which theme shows the consequences of how humans adapt, depend, and modify their environment? Movement HEI Place Location

7 Warm-up #5 Question: Which part of Location are the examples: street address and longitude/latitude lines? Relative Absolute

8 Warm-up #6 Question: Which theme is the mobility of people, goods, ideas? Movement HEI Place Location

9 Warm-up #7 Question: What are the buzz words for REGION? Absolute
Common Physical Different

10 Warm-Up #8 Question: Who is someone who studies the characteristics of human population? Archeologist Demographer President Teachers

11 Warm-up #9 Question: A system for producing and exchanging goods and services among a group of people. Government Economy Migration Population

12 Warm-up#10 Question: A person who leaves one country and settles in another Demographer Immigrant Migration Pull Factors

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