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Plywood Both decorative and structural Sheet product suitable for

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1 Plywood Both decorative and structural Sheet product suitable for
panelling structural flooring bracing webs in composite beams Standard size sheet 2700  1200 mm 2400  1200 mm 1800  1200 mm Photo: Plywood Association Australia Aboriginal Studies building, Curtin University, Perth, WA Photo: Geoff Boughton

2 Manufacture Photo: Geoff Boughton Made by gluing and pressing thin laminates together to form a sheet Grain in laminates in alternate directions - strength in two directions Final plywood sheet Seven laminates prior to gluing and pressing face grain direction grain in face laminate

3 Uses Panels (decorative, acoustic or bracing)
Sheets - plate bending (flooring, formwork) Webs (I-beams, box beams) Structural or appearance function for all of the above

4 Colour-matched ceiling panels
National wine Centre, Adelaide Photo: Trevor Fox Australian Timber Design: 11

5 Chairs also feature plywood.
Sydney Opera House Photo: Geoff Boughton Extensive use of wall and ceiling panels with decorative and acoustic functions. Chairs also feature plywood.

6 Decorative plywood with structural function
Exhibition buildings, Homebush, Sydney Photos: Geoff Boughton Observation deck, Sydney Showgrounds Photos: Geoff Boughton Decorative panels also have bracing function Handrails are structural

7 Sheets Acts in minor axis bending in Flooring
Can span in two directions High strength material can be used for low profile floors Photo: Plywood Association Australia

8 Sheets Formwork – requires: Good surface finish
Water tight construction Glues must be water resistant Strength and stiffness to prevent failure and sagging under wet concrete loads Photo: Geoff Boughton Photo: Geoff Boughton

9 Box section portal frame
Webs and gussets Box section portal frame C-section purlin Photo: Geoff Boughton Photo: Geoff Boughton High in-plane shear strength makes plywood ideal for webs and gussets in composite beams and portal frames

10 Plywood gussets on Glulam portal
Photo: Geoff Boughton Photo: Keith Crews Plywood gussets on Glulam portal Salvation Army Church, Dural, NSW Photo: Greg Nolan Plywood gussets on box beam portals Plywood as wind bracing

11 Veneer Quality Veneer Quality A Veneer Quality S Veneer Quality B
Decorative Quality A Veneer Quality A High quality appearance grade Suitable for clear finishing Specified when surface appearance critical Veneer Quality S Appearance grade Natural characteristics decorative feature Veneer Quality B Appearance grade suitable for high quality paint finish Veneer Quality C Non-appearance grade with solid (filled) surface Suitable for flooring that will have decorative overlay Veneer Quality D Non-appearance grade with open imperfections Suitable for structural plywood bracing Sports stadium floor Photo: Plywood Association Australia

12 Service classes Type A bond Type B bond Type C & D bonds
For exterior plywood used in conditions of full exposure, Interior plywood used in wet or damp conditions eg around sinks, vanity units, laundry tubs. Type B bond Suitable for applications involving up to 2 years exposure to weather eg concrete formwork Used permanently in semi exposed applications eg exterior door skins Type C & D bonds Internal, dry conditions only Non-structural

13 Properties of Plywood Low variability in properties - reliable
Usually graded as F-grade products (see Table 5.1 in AS for plywood properties) Specify: Stress grade Thickness and number of plies Glues – interior, exterior, marine Quality of face finishes Species used on face and other plies

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