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3 OPEN HOUSE AGENDA Welcome General Information Building Tour
Program Details Q & A

4 to become a model of excellence
Vision... to become a model of excellence in the education of gifted and talented students.

5 21st century problem solvers
MISSION... to foster high academic achievement and the growth of creative & critical thinkers, lifelong learners, involved citizens, and 21st century problem solvers by providing a nurturing, challenging, and innovative program that engages gifted and talented students, their families, and the community.

6 School Improvement Goals...
1. Increase number of students who show positive growth 2. Create Professional Learning Communities 3. Increase the number of community partnerships

7 Our Home: Irwin Avenue Historic building &beautiful campus
Uptown Charlotte means minutes from museums, Discovery Place, ImaginOn, Children’s Theater, and more Connected to Ray’s Splash Planet We’re growing!

8 General School Information
Academic Program Full Magnet Learning Immersion Talent Development Student Enrollment: 485 in Student School Hours 9:15 - 4:15 Before &After School Care 7:00-8:45 a.m. 4:15-6:00 p.m.

9 Demographic Profile Year African American White Asian Hispanic
Multi-Racial* Totals # % 10-11 195 60% 58 18% 43 13% 5 2% 20 7% 322 100%

10 Transportation: Gray & Violet Zones (northern half of county)
South West Academic Zone Your location and home school is a small factor in the lottery

11 Let’s Check out the building
! Let’s Check out the building Please join us for a tour & meet our student ambassadors!

12 General Information K-5 students receive a full day of rigorous, academically challenging, research-based instruction which provides opportunities for students to achieve their fullest potential. K-2 LI program does not guarantee studentsadmittance into TD BUTprovides a strong foundation Classroom teachers have gifted certification or are in the process of being certified. One third has National Board certification. Full time Talent Development Lead Teacher supports teachers during planning & instruction. Lottery entrance only – - there is no entrance test to be admitted - essential that LI/TD expectations are clear

13 Irwin’s Magnet Themes or K-2 Learning Immersion 3-5 Talent Development
All K-2 students begin on this acceleratedpath *All 2nd graders are screened for TD Students participate in an accelerated enrichment instructional program *Only K-2 non-certified Irwin students TD certified students receive differentiated educational services for their unique needs or

14 Characteristics of a K-2 Learning Immersion Child:
Has a large vocabulary Shows strong memory and quick recall Carries out complex instructions with ease Is curious, asks provocative questions Offers unique answers Accepts and carries out responsibilities Works well independently * See handout for a questionnaire

15 GIFTEDNESS: Federal Definition
Students, children, or youth who give evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields, and who need services and activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop those capabilities.


17 TD Certification Process:
* ALL CMS second graders are assessed. CoGAT = 96% or > GATEWAY 1 CoGAT + ITBS = 93% or > avg percentile GATEWAY 2 Gifted Rating Scales AND CoGAT& ITBS = % avg percentile GATEWAY 3 GRS & 92% or > OR TD Work Sample Portfolio *all Irwin 2nd graders complete GATEWAY 4

18 What Makes A Good Leader by Jerome
Portfolio Samples: What Makes A Good Leader by Jerome A good leader must be intelligent kind and listen to other people. I think I am a good leader. I get a lot of hundreds on my work and I am responsible. Jason, Sherril and other kids in my class say I’m smart. Friday is kickball day. They pick me for captain because I pick girls and boys for my team. I’m fair. Sometimes they argue and grumble about the kick. I stop the argument by telling them lets vote. My class picked me for student council. I had to write a speech and make signs. I organized some of my friends to help me. I like going to student council. Its like being in congress. We tell are ideas and vote for the one we want. Some day I want to be a congress man. I would be fair and make good laws. The End. * Advanced Language * Analytical Thinking * Algebraic Thinking

19 PARENT expectations Read & reinforce concepts with your student every day! Get Involved! - Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per year - Join the PTA, the School Leadership Team, Tutor, Be a Room Parent or a Reading Buddy! Encourage your child to make the most out of the rigorous course work while enjoying other aspects of school & learning.

20 What Does Instruction Look Like At Irwin
? What Does Instruction Look Like At Irwin

21 Innovative Strategies
Use of … Experiential Learning Differentiation: Curriculum Compacting, contracts, small groups, pre-tests Problem & Project Based Learning Critical & Creative Thinking Interdisciplinary, accelerated, challenging units of study

22 Innovative Strategies
Use of … Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Bloom’s Taxonomy Seminars Collaborative groups Technology Hands-on learning Junior Great Books William and Mary Curriculum Rubrics Integrated Special Areas Guest speakers Current events

23 ? How are we different

24 How are we different? Instruction CMS Irwin Academic Center
Learning Letters in Kindergarten Learn one letter per week Learn one letter per day- the sound and how to write it Imagine It! Reading Series Complete one story per week Complete one story in two-three days Science &Social Studies Focus on reading and math Integrated and focused on multiple days/wk Innovative Strategies Randomly used Consistently implemented

25 How are we different? Instruction CMS Irwin Academic Center
Kindergarten DIBELS Test Initial Sound Letter Naming Phoneme Segmentation Nonsense Word CMS Goals Average benchmarks 5, 27, 15, 13 on the four fluency measures Irwin Goals Advanced benchmarks 40, 50, 30, 40 on the four fluency measures Report Cards K-2 Report Card Standards-Based Report Card PTA Curriculum Support Varies Very active and involved parents which provide services and more than $75,000 in curriculum support and professional development

26 Extracurricular Opportunities
Tuition Funded Opportunities Before School Clubs Enrichment Activities Extracurricular Opportunities Service Opportunities In School Clubs School-wide events

27 Samples of Extracurricular Opportunities
Enrichment Activities Weekly Spanish for K-5! Math Super Stars Geography Bee Accelerated Reader Character Education Before School Chess Club Odyssey of the Mind Tuition Funded Mad Science Play Spanish Service Opportunities National Honor Society Student Council School Wide Events Musicals United Nations In School Clubs All students participate based on interest Ex. Math & Science Olympiad, Robotics, Cooking

28 School Achievements: Magnet Schools of America “School of Distinction” & “School of EXCELLENCE” 2011 Honor School of Excellence under the state’s ABC goals for more than a decade. North Carolina Honor School of Excellence – High Achievement and High Growth. Fourteen Years Meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP Growth)

29 Student Recognitions Nine State Math Fair Champions
Three State Science Fair Champions Two State Chess Championships National State Chess Champion (First Grader) Two Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Winners and two Art Winners One Young Author & Illustrator First Place Winner Two Odyssey of the Mind Teams (advanced to world competition) National Geography Bee participation in the state competition 2nd Place in Fire and Life Safety Bowl 5th Place winner at the 2011 US Kids Golf Foundation World Championship (Fourth Grader)

30 2010 Test Data 97% EOG Reading 100% EOG Math
96% EOG Fifth Grade Science

31 Questions? Thank you for visiting!

32 Learn More… Our school website PTA website Principal Literacy Facilitator TD Coordinator


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