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TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2013 8:00 – 12:00 SEASCAPE GOLF CLUB Administrator Kick Off.

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1 TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 2013 8:00 – 12:00 SEASCAPE GOLF CLUB Administrator Kick Off

2 Description of Practice Improving problem-solving in Middle School students using Complex Performance Assessment Tasks designed and implemented through cross content collaboration.  Utilize this evidence of student learning to adapt teaching and learning to meet the immediate learning needs of our diverse population of students.  Teach perseverance with continuing practice. Two Examples o 1. MARS tasks in the classroom @ E. A. Hall o 2. CaMSP collaborative lesson (% of a Number)

3 Links to Common Core Instructional Shifts Eight Mathematical Practices 1. Making sense of problems and persevering in solving them (SMP#1). 2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively (SMP#2). 3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others (SMP#3). 4. Model with mathematics (SMP#4). 5. Use appropriate tools strategically (SMP#5) 6. Attend to precision (SMP#6). 7. Look for and make use of structure (SMP#7). 8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning (SMP#8).

4 An example of a MARS task

5 Impact on Students Number Cruncher (pre)NecklacesOdd NumbersMystery Numbers Pedro's NumbersPentagonsToy TrainsNumber Cruncher (post) max pts. = 10 max pts. = 7 max pts. = 14max pts. = 7max pts. = 10max pts. = 7max pts. = 10 Benavides-Viorato, Fabiola3.5132+0625abs. Berrelleza-Soto, Jonathan10507+738710 Carrisoza-Fernandez, Noelia9.5557+738abs.10 Castillo-Perez, Maria Guadalupe9.5664+07879 Cortes-Luna, Diana1111+06255 Garcia, Hector Javier5.537+13abs.37 Gonzalez-Muniz, Joely Ivett8.5527+75107 Hernandez-Hipolito, America Elin2437+74875 Ismerio-Ruiz Jr, Juan Manuel1221+122abs.4 Lopez, Eniya Alexis7237+02abs.56 Lopez-Gonzalez, Karen4377+72648 Medel, Jesusabs.337+0543abs. Medina, Jesse Alexander6767+778710 Milanes-Nunez, Camila Angela6347+768abs.9 Murshid, Muthana (Moy)2437+76967 Rangel, Fabiola Teresa3607+44878 Rodriguez-Haro, Javier8444+0abs.2610 Rojas, Emanuel Eli6275+05abs.710 Salazar, Daniela10767+751049 Sarabia-Lara, Bryan Eduardo9437+71679 Vazquez, Sergio3647+054abs. Villanueva, Karla6.5322+05677 Zamudio-Palmerin, Zino6737+70248 Average5.774.093.489.304.186.055.688.05 57.70%40.90%34.80%66.45%59.71%60.50%81.14%80.50%

6 Tips on Implementation (Lessons Learned) The most effective use of formative assessment occurs on a daily basis. Use Socratic seminars! Quit prompting and scaffolding every step of the way – provide a foundation for autonomy. Be patient, students will flounder at first and then gradually gain skills on how to analyze a challenge, utilize prior learning, and implement a purposeful solution to a problem. Collaborate often w/ other teachers and share:  English language skills  Art – many common factors with math  Phy. Ed. – oppty list: statistics, geometry

7 Resources & Tools for getting started The ‘Kithen sink’:  SVMI/Mars tasks  Problems of the month  Videos/flipped classroom Math coaches Enroll in training (e.g. CaMSP, Critical Thinking) Utilize ‘vaulted’ lessons Other teachers & coaches Contact Information Randy Braun E.A. Hall “Technology is no panacea”

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