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UPLAND UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT BUILT TO LAST Preserving the Core, While Stimulating Progress FINGERTIP FACTS 2006-07.

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3 BACKGROUND  First school was 18 th Street School in the San Antonio School District in 1866  Upland Elementary District (K-6) founded in 1907  Upland Unified School District (K-12) formed in July 1987

4 BACKGROUND: SCHOOLS  (10) Elementary SchoolsENR Upland El (1939)602 Sierra Vista (1950)460 Baldy View (1954)744 Foothill Knolls (1959)527 Magnolia (1963)593 Citrus (1964)725 Sycamore (1965)497 Valencia (1966)668 Cabrillo (1966)666 Pepper Tree (1990)795 10/07

5 BACKGROUND: SCHOOLS  (2) Junior High SchoolsENR Upland JHS (1928)1014 Pioneer JHS (1962)1064  (2) High SchoolsENR Upland High School (1956)3695 Hillside High School (1992)222 TOTAL K-12 ENROLLMENT12,285 10/07

6 BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Members  Linda Angona, President 2001, 6 years of service  Wes Fifield, Vice President 2005, 2 years of service  Joe Lenz, Clerk 1985, 22 years of service  Steve Frazee, Member 2003, 4 years of service  Mike Varela, Member 1981, 26 years of service

7 BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Terms  5 members, elected at large from within the school district boundaries  Entirely separate governance body from the City of Upland  Elected to a term of four years  Elections held every two years (3/2) Shift from odd to even years in 2008 Seats on the 2008 ballot: Steve Frazee and Linda Angona

8 BOARD : UNITY OF PURPOSE  Our shared purpose is to support all students in acquiring and applying knowledge on a journey to high achievement – with no significant difference between or among groups.  We are committed to maintain trust and move the district forward.  We seek to understand our individual jobs and collective responsibilities.

9 BOARD : UNITY OF PURPOSE  We strive to be a team with a clear and focused direction to serve as a catalyst for the disciplined efforts of employees, providing the community with evidence of success and measures of accomplishment.  We are committed, as individuals and collectively, to perpetuate a legacy of a positive governance culture as team members come and go.

10 BOARD : STRATEGIC GOALS We will ensure high achievement for all students through:  Disciplined attention to effective teaching, ongoing assessments and timely interventions;  Dynamic parent partnerships, strong community connections, and effective board governance;  Alignment of fiscal, facility, and human resources in support of our shared vision, goals and priorities.

11 BODIES: District Personnel  CERTIFICATED EMPLOYEES (610) Includes teachers, administrators, psychologists, nurses, counselors  CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES (390) Includes secretaries, clerks, custodians, bus drivers, food services, instructional assistants, maintenance workers, proctors,  CONFIDENTIAL EMPLOYEES (9) Secretaries and direct support to Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents

12 BODIES: Student Enrollment Kindergarten st grade nd grade rd grade th grade th grade th grade th grade th grade th grade th grade th grade th grade Ungraded TOTAL Source: Annual CBEDS Report

13 BODIES: Demographics Ethnicity: African White HispanicAmerican Asian Other* % 26.0%10.7% 7.5% 1.5% % 33.6%10.4% 6.6% 2.6% % 38.0% 9.0% 5.0%13.0% * Includes American Indian/Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander, Filipino, Multi-Ethnic (9%), No Response

14 BODIES: Demographics Languages in Spring 2006:  37 languages spoken by  2880 (23%) of students, of which  1823 (15%) are classified as English learners, receiving specialized instruction by teachers with appropriate training/certification Free and Reduced Lunch:  3,981 (32%) free lunch  1084 (9%) reduced lunch

15 BODIES: English Learners Number of English Learners:          

16 BOUNDARIES  There is no necessary relationship between boundaries of cities and that of school districts  District boundaries established independent of city incorporation by San Bernardino County Committee on School District Organization. This committee administers request for district boundary changes  School boundaries (within districts) established by local Board of Education

17 BUILDINGS  (14) schools; (1) maintenance facility; (1) district office  Measure K General Obligation bond generated $36 million  Applied and received state matching grants of more than $45 million

18 BUDGET Revenues  Upland Unified School District’s budget receives 107 separate sources of income: 9 funds 14 federal categorical programs 28 state categorical programs 55 local restricted programs Lottery: $1.8 million or 2.01% of total revenue budget

19 BUDGET – March 2007  REVENUES Revenue limit sources $62.2 million72.9% Federal revenue$6.79 million 7.1% State revenue$9.97 million13.8% Local revenue$5.33 million 5.8% Transfers in$244, % TOTAL REVENUES$84.5 MILLION100%  EXPENDITURES Employee salaries$52.6 million58.4% Employee benefits$16.1 million16.8% Books and supplies$9.7 million12.6% Services, operations$6.8 million 6.9% Capital outlay$843, % Transfers out$3.3 million 3.2% TOTAL EXPENDITURES$89.3 MILLION100%

20 BASICS: RESULTS!!! API PERFORMANCE Growth Baldy View Cabrillo Citrus Foothill Knolls Magnolia Pepper Tree Sierra Vista Sycamore Upland El Valencia Pioneer JHS Upland JHS Upland HS

21 BRAGGING: RECOGNITION!!! California Distinguished Schools Cabrillo Elementary1997 Citrus Elementary 2004 Foothill Knolls Elementary2004 Magnolia Elementary2004 Pepper Tree Elementary2004 Valencia Elementary2004 Upland Junior High2005 Baldy View Elementary2006 Pioneer Junior High2007

22 BRAGGING: RECOGNITION!!! California Title 1 Achieving Schools Baldy View Elementary*2004 Cabrillo Elementary *2004 Sierra Vista Elementary2004 Upland Elementary2005 Upland Junior High *2005 Citrus Elementary2006 * Also a California Distinguished School


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