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Mikrokontroler AVR.

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1 Mikrokontroler AVR

2 Mikrokontroler AVR

3 Arsitektur AVR

4 Peta Memori AVR Gambar ini AVR secara umum. Detail dapat dilihat di datasheet atmega8535.pdf

5 Register File

6 Fetch & Execute pada AVR

7 Set Instruksi AVR Pengelompokan Instruksi Arithmetic & Logic Unit
Conditional Branch Branch Data Transfer Bit & Bit Test MCU Control

8 Contoh Software Assembler AVR
;My Very First AVR Project .include "" ;Includes the 8515 definitions file .def Temp = R16 ;Gives "Defines" Register R16 the name Temp .org 0x0000 ;Places the following code from address 0x0000 rjmp RESET ;Take a Relative Jump to the RESET Label RESET: ;Reset Label ldi Temp, 0xFF ;Store 255 in R16 (Since we have defined R16 = ; Temp) out DDRB, Temp ;Store this value in The PORTB Data direction ;Register Loop: ;Loop Label out PORTB, Temp ;Write all highs (255 decimal) to PORTB dec Temp ;Decrement R16 (Temp) rjmp Loop ;Take a relative jump to the Loop label

9 Flowchart Software Desktop & Mikrokontroler

10 Reset & Alamat Vektor ATMega8535

11 Port I/O pada AVR

12 Register I/O Posisi register dapat dibaca di ATMega8535.pdf halaman 296

13 Memori Eksternal ATMega8515 & ATMega162
Contoh RAM: 6264.pdf

14 Reset pada 8535

15 Timing Diagram Reset Eksternal

16 Timing Diagram Reset karena Brown Out Detector

17 Watchdog Timer AVR

18 Rangkaian Reset Sederhana

19 Rangkaian Reset Dengan Supervisory Circuit


21 Contoh Rangkaian

22 Contoh Rangkaian

23 Contoh Rangkaian AVR

24 Power Down AVR

25 Quartz Crystal

26 Parallel Resonant Crystal

27 Parallel Resonant Crystal Start Up Time

28 Oscillator Start Up Time
Gambar 5.10

29 Bus Eksternal AVR & SRAM

30 SRAM tipe 6264

31 Timing Diagram Bus Eksternal AVR

32 Timing Diagram Bus Eksternal AVR

33 Bahasa Assembler AVR

34 Pengalamatan Direct Single Register Access

35 Pengalamatan Data Direct

36 Pengalamatan Direct I/O

37 Pengalamatan Direct Data

38 Pengalamatan Indirect Data

39 Indirect Program Memory

40 Indirect Program Memory

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