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WELCOME PARENTS CLASS OF 2012. What is tonight about?  Now that your “children” have made it this far, what is next?  What happens when they leave SCHS?

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2 What is tonight about?  Now that your “children” have made it this far, what is next?  What happens when they leave SCHS?  Are they on track for life after high school?  What should you be doing now to help them get ready?  How can you all get help to make some decisions?  Answers to your burning questions

3 Administrators you should know... Ms. Pam Tapley, Principal Mr. Michael Hague, Assistant Principal Mr. Jeff Schwartz, Assistant Principal

4 Get to Know Your Counselors… Ms. Crowell A-E Ms. Smith F-MAP Ms. Metts MAQ-ROD Ms. Short ROE-Z

5 MEET OUR GUIDANCE SUPPORT PERSONNEL… Ms. Buehler Ms. Woodruff Ms. Barber College and Career

6 Meeting with a counselor is easy...  Call the Guidance office to schedule a parent/teacher conference with all teachers or speak with your counselor directly.  Students should meet with their counselor once every nine weeks this year and every month their senior year!  Students may come to the Guidance Office before school, during lunch, or after school to make an appointment with their counselor.  Remember…Ms. Barber is also available in the Career Center!

7 What it takes to be a Senior...  18 credits  On track for graduation  2.0 GPA* (recommended) *Students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA to walk at graduation

8  24 Total Credits:  4 English  4 Math (Algebra 1 & above)  3 Social Studies  1 World History  1 American History .5 Economics .5 American Government  3 Science  1 H.O.P.E.  1 Performing Fine Art  8 Elective Credits What it takes to graduate... Pass FCAT 1926 Read/1889 Math 2.0 GPA

9 Problems with the FCAT ?  Substitute ACT/SAT scores  18 on Reading and 15 on Math for ACT  420 in Reading/340 in Math for SAT  Walk with the class, receive a Certificate of Completion, retake until you pass (must have 24 required credits and a 2.0 GPA)  Take classes at community college and earn an AA degree (must have 24 required credits, 2.0 GPA, and pass CPT)  Earn a GED  Attend a tech school or take a job that does not require a high school diploma

10 Consider the options...

11 LIFE AFTER ST CLOUD HS... or preparing for the future! FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRIES Education & Health Services 30.6% increase Healthcare & Social Services 30.3% increase Professional & Business Services 27.8 % increase

12 Working: where, what, how?  Type of work desired  Additional training  Resume  Dress for Success  Practice interview skills  Check out benefits: insurance, tuition reimbursement, chances for advancement  Needed for ALL jobs  Good attendance  Communication and computer skills  Ability to work as a team member

13 TAKE A LOOK AT… Osceola & Orange County Technical Schools TECO Mid-Florida Tech Orlando Tech Westside Tech Winter Park Tech Avalon Center

14 Military  Investigate jobs of interest  Research all branches for those jobs  Take the ASVAB  Talk to a recruiter

15 College Admissions 2-year and Community Colleges  Standard High School Diploma or GED  CPT: Computer Placement Test  Certificate of Completion with  24 required credits, 2.0 UW GPA, & passing CPT scores 4-year Colleges and Universities  Standard High School Diploma  GPA for College Admission - Based on Academics ( 3.0+)  Appropriate SAT/ACT scores (at least 1000 SAT, 23 ACT)  Rigorous academic courses in HS: AP, Honors, DE  Minimum of 18 Academic Credits (20+ Recommended):  4 English, 4 Math (Algebra I & above, Algebra II Req.)  3 Science, 3 Required Social Studies (Recommend 4)  2 Foreign Language, 2 other academic credits Note: LA Math will only be accepted for students entering SUS summer/fall 2011-spring 2013 on a limited basis as meeting minimum number of math credits for admission.

16 What it REALLY takes to get in… Mid-Range GPA’s and test scores for Fall admission:  FAU3.2-3.81510-1720 SAT/VMW22-26 ACT  FSU3.6-4.21750-1970 SAT/VMW26-30 ACT  UCF3.5-4.21700-1890 SAT/VMW25-28 ACT  UF4.1-4.41870-2100 SAT/VMW28-32 ACT  UNF3.41-4.11140-1270 SAT/VM23-26 ACT  USF3.51-4.121090-1290 SAT/VM24-28 ACT

17 What Will College Cost?  That must consider the cost of tuition, books, room, food, transportation, parking, clothing.  Average tuition and fees (per year) as follows:  4-year Public Institution$4,650  2-year Public Institution$2,700  4-year Private Institution$33,000  Room & Board/Public$8,728  Books/Misc. Expenses$4,600  Estimated costs (per year):  FSU $16,833  Stetson University $44,124  University of Miami $50,000  Rollins College $54,030

18 Bright Futures Scholarship  Florida Academic Scholars Award  3.5 GPA in selected subjects  1270 SAT or 28 ACT (will rise in 2013!)  75 hours community service  Florida Medallion Scholars Award  3.0 GPA in selected subjects  980 SAT or 21 ACT (this is new!)  Note: FAS and FMS require 2 years of FL and completion of Algebra 2; Inf Geom and LA Math do not count as college preparatory math for BF.  Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award  3.0 in selected subjects  3.5 in 3 sequential vocational courses  Test scores:  SAT – 440 verbal, 440 math or  ACT – 17 English, 18 Reading, 19 Math, or  CPT 83 Reading, 83 Sentence Structure, 72 Math See for changes in awards/

19 WHEN SHOULD YOUR STUDENT TEST? ACT OR SAT?  SAT is a Reasoning test…it tests your student’s  Reasoning ability  A good test for students who excel in math  College admissions test  May be used for placement at Valencia  FCAT alternative 420/340  ACT is a test of tests your student’s  Learned knowledge  A good test for students who excel in language  College admissions test  May be used for placement at Valencia  FCAT alternative 18/15 SAT & ACT are comparable tests & should be taken in winter/spring of junior year. Hint: Recommend students take both & repeat the test the better – SAT or ACT Planning to attend college? Take SAT/ACT with Writing. ACT or SAT req. for FAS & FMS. Your student may qualify for a fee waiver.

20 OTHER TESTS TO CONSIDER…  Take the CPT if your student…  Plans to take Dual Enrollment classes (3.0 GPA – test spring ‘11)  Plans to attend community college after graduation (test Spring ‘12)  May qualify for Bright Futures GVS  PSAT is…  A great way to practice for SAT – Individualized Score Report for each student  the test that determines National Merit Scholars (top ½ of one percent nationwide), National Hispanic Scholars, and National Achievement Scholars  9 th, 10 th, and 11 th WILL TEST ON OCTOBER 13TH!

21 College and Career Center Learn about educational opportunities after graduation from high school. Discover career information – just ask! Access financial aid & scholarship information – Check CONNECT ED for available scholarships and post-secondary planning Find answers: Register with NCAA Clearinghouse, schedule a college visit, complete college/scholarship applications, request transcripts. Questions? Ask your counselor or see Ms. Barber TODAY!

22 – check it out!  Update ePep 4-year Plan!  Check out their unofficial Bright Futures GPA. On track for BF?  Take a CHOICES interest inventory!  Visit SUS university websites to help find the right college. Check out majors, school size, location, cost to narrow choices. (3-5 by senior year)  Apply to colleges during summer/fall after junior year! Remember – “early bird” applicants are more likely accepted. Your student can…

23 The Search for the Green  Community service – Remember to document hours earned - Bright Futures FAS requires 75 hours.  Check CONNECT ED scholarship opportunities & get a head start on senior year!  Planning to play sports in college? Register online with NCAA Clearinghouse at end of junior year.  Bright Futures - Academic, Medallion and Gold Seal - apply online senior year (opens December 1 of senior year).  Use your ePEP account for an unofficial Bright Futures GPA evaluation!

24 WHAT TO DO NOW! Fall: Write down your abilities, preferences, and personal qualities Evaluate your options for senior year and after high school Attend college night Retake the FCAT if necessary Consider taking an SAT/ACT prep course or practice online Set up an account on for college searches, BF evaluation, college admissions information Begin your college search Winter/Spring: CPT @SCHS for students registering for Dual Enrollment classes (must have a 3.0 GPA & Valencia application on file) Register to take the SAT &/or ACT Meet with your counselor to review your options for senior year Sign up for an FLVS class to make up credits or raise GPA – Impact Lab may be an option during summer. Arrange for college visits over spring break or summer vacation Narrow your college choices to 5 Do research on scholarships (Internet, College & Career Center, college websites)

25 Summer Fun? Summer Fun?  July 1Begin NCAA registration online for students planning on athletic recruitment ; access new website @  July-AugNarrow post-secondary options (3-5 choices are good)  University-bound students should begin writing college application essays  Complete brag sheet & resume Bring a copy to your counselor  August-SeptComplete state university applications – set a deadline and get it done! (UF applications open July 1 – most others August 1) - after Oct 15 to Nov 1 priority deadlines, many schools accept students on a space available basis only!

26 Web Resources  - access grades, stay current with Connect Ed, check important dates   - ACT registration; sign up for the writing section if planning to attend college; educational planning  - college admissions; virtual campus tours; web/cam broad casts and college admissions message board  - SAT registration (Reasoning or Subject Tests); test taking tips/practice questions; financial aid information; college admission tips  - information about financial aid; career/interest inventory (CHOICES); ePEP  - college opportunities; college search; list of internet resources SAT ®

27 IMPORTANT! CLASS RINGS September 23 Junior Class Meeting Presentation 1:40 PM Sat. Sept. 25 (Sat) Orders taken 10AM to noon Sept. 29 & 30 (Wed & Thurs) Orders taken 6 to 8 PM Sept. 30/Oct. 1 (Thurs & Fri) Orders taken both lunches Oct. 2 (Sat) Orders taken 10AM to noon

28 Is your junior interested?  College Readiness 101  an all-day 4-week credit course planned for early summer  What’s it about? ACT/SAT test prep, important study skills, need-to-know tips for gaining acceptance to college  Who’s providing? SCHS through the FL Partnership with College Board  Sign-up before leaving tonight if interested…

29 Junior Parents… Thank you for attending and completing our evaluation form.

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