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 Community Presentation Budget Town Hall Meeting 2013.

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1  Community Presentation Budget Town Hall Meeting 2013

2 Points of Pride  Expanding accelerated learning opportunities for students  Increasing High School Graduation Rate to 88.5%  Decreasing Drop-out Rate to 1.2%  Providing at least one career academy at every high school by which students earn industry certification in high skill/high wage fields

3 Current Budget Situation The 2013-2014 school year is the sixth consecutive year of multi-million dollar budget shortfalls.


5 Current Budget Situation During each round of budget cuts, the Board and Superintendent have worked tirelessly to minimize the impact on the classroom and employees This year, the District is projecting a shortfall of $27.5 million

6 District Transformation To ensure ALL students are college, career, and life ready the district is realigning roles to better provide schools with much needed supports.

7 District Transformation  Alignment of policies/procedures, departments, and school regions  Provide responsive, integrated, and easily accessible support for school operations


9 District Transformation  The Department of Instructional Media and Technology is being dissolved, with the department’s functions being sent to the Offices for Technology and Information Services, Teaching and Learning, Communications, and Professional Development.

10 District Transformation  The former departments of Exceptional Student Education and Student Services are being consolidated into the Office for Student Support Programs and Services.  The Office for Teaching and Learning is also developing a restructuring plan.  Each District department has made additional reductions to its normal operating budget.

11 Board Approved Cuts as of May 7, 2013

12 Board Approved Cuts



15  Thank you

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