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Midwest Textbook Questions

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1 Midwest Textbook Questions
What states make up the Midwest? North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio & Michigan

2 1. What two grains are the most commonly grown in this region?

3 2. What two animals are most raised in this region?

4 3. In which five states in this region is sugar produced?
North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska

5 Bonus - How does sugar produced here differs from sugar produced in the Southeast?

6 1. Describe the Central Lowland.
Grassy hills, rolling flatlands and thick forests.

7 2. Why is the Mississippi River important to the Interior Plains?

8 3. How were the Great Lakes formed?
Glacial action.

9 4. Describe the Great Plains.
Flat fields of grain with grassy pastures and rolling hills.

10 5. Which climate is most common in this region?
Humid continental 6. What is it like? Warm summers, and cold, snowy winters.

11 1. Why is this region called “America’s Breadbasket?”
Because of all the grain that is raised here.

12 2. What are four common crops grown here?

13 3. What two natural resources have helped manufacturing here?

14 4. Besides the Mississippi, what other mode of transportation is common here?

15 5. Why is Detroit called “Motown?”
It has long been center to the auto industry.

16 1. Which nine cities serve as important manufacturing centers in this region?
Minneapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit & Cleveland

17 2. Which is the only Midwest state in which oil is produced?
North Dakota

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