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NOT All About Me! By: Allison Wong. My Dream Name Hannah Samantha Rebecca.

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1 NOT All About Me! By: Allison Wong

2 My Dream Name Hannah Samantha Rebecca

3 Where Don’t You Live? If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in the United States in an area with lots of nature, and warm, but not extremely warm temperatures. This place would be near enough to a city so that I could easily drive to work and not have to be a farmer, but far enough that I wouldn’t have to hear the loud noises of the city and smell city smells. I would live there because I love to see lots of grass and trees with few or none buildings around. Additionally, I would then live in a more peaceful environment, without the distractions of the city. I would never live in Los Angeles. It is a huge city, and probably filled with lots of cars and smog. This would make it impossible to get around easily.

4 My “Un-Career” Choice I would never be a surgeon or anything else in the medical field. Even though I am sometimes interested in the diseases of the body, I get horrified whenever I find out. Then, I have nightmares. Additionally, I would hate to see people in such a week condition, or to see the insides of people. That would really give me nightmares.

5 That’s Not My Kind of Entertainment! Worst Movie: The worst movie that I ever saw was “The Snowman” Worst TV Show: ALL OF THEM!!! Worst Music: Rap

6 Sports The worst sport for me to watch is either boxing or golf. Boxing is boring, horrible, and disgusting. All you do is watch people hit each other, which makes others want to hit each other because they think it’s funny, not to mention that hitting is bad in the first place. Also, I prefer not to see people half-naked and looking like boxers do. Golf is boring because you get to see golfers hit a ball and try to hit it a hole. How boring. It also takes forever, and I’m pretty sure that there are better things to do than watching people hit a ball for hours. The worst sport to play is all sports that involve hitting or shoving, and end up with people getting hurt. This is probably most of them. I hate violence, and, personally I get hurt enough playing sports in school without being shoved around by a 200-pound guy.

7 Reading The worst book that I ever read was The Incident At Hawke’s Hill I hated it because it was filled with sadness. The main animal character, the badger goes from being found, and having adventures to being shot at the end of the book. Additionally, the book ends with a bad ending; the badger is about to die.

8 Food A typical home-cooked meal I hate is: spaghetti The one restaurant I will never eat as is: any restaurant with Mexican food, because the ingredients common in those foods usually don’t appeal to me.

9 Shopping The store I will never shop at is Sport Chalet or any other sport store because I hate sports, and I could never find anything I wanted there.


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