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Singular & Plural Nouns

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1 Singular & Plural Nouns
Chapter 2, Lesson 3

2 Objectives Students will: Write the plural form of nouns correctly.
Proofread for plural nouns.

3 Rules Singular Noun Example: Plural Noun
Names one person, place, thing, or idea. Example: The farmer drove to the market with the box. Plural Noun Names more than one person, place, thing, or idea. The farmers drove to the markets with the boxes.

4 Rules for forming plurals
Most singular nouns: Add “s” Street = streets House = houses Nouns ending in s, x, ch, or sh: Add “es” Dress = dresses Ax = axes Bench = benches Dish = dishes Nouns ending with a vowel and y: Add “s” Valley = valleys Joy = joys Nouns ending with a consonant and y: Change the “y” to “i” and then add “es.” City = cities Cranberry = cranberries

5 What is the plural form of each noun?
ostrich ostriches fox foxes letter letters alley alleys boss bosses panda pandas porch porches family families holiday holidays glass glasses

6 What is the plural form of each noun?
idea ideas month months toy toys ocean oceans party parties flute flutes marsh marshes basket baskets doctor doctors body bodies

7 What is the plural form of each noun?
paper papers picture pictures ranch ranches library libraries business businesses birthday birthdays notebook notebooks ax axes balcony balconies inch inches

8 Find the eleven incorrect plural nouns
At the City Harbor Huge ocean lineres arrive. Tiny tugboats pull the giant shipes. Persones young and old sit on benches and watch. Ferrys sail in and out. Familys get on and off. Noisy seagulles swoop over the beachs. Tall cranes load boxes onto big vessels. Bosses direct the groupes of workers. The rayes of the sun fade. Flashs of light beam from the buoyes offshore. liners ships Persons Ferries Families seagulls beaches rays groups Flashes buoys

9 Homework WB pgs. 25 & 26

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