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Registering your class on Blackboard Followed by why you should and how to grade on BB. Kelly O’Briant.

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1 Registering your class on Blackboard Followed by why you should and how to grade on BB. Kelly O’Briant

2 Click “Faculty” to see the class you are teaching.

3 Click “Blackboard Course Request

4 Click “Request a new BB Course”

5 Fill out the form, click seach

6 Click on the course at the bottom

7 You will get an email when your course is ready to use on BB.

8 You can get to your course now by clicking Blackboard

9 Now it shows up as a course you are teaching

10 Here is your course!

11 Grading on Blackboard : for those of us who work with clay, wood, fibers, metal, found objects, a whole lot of other materials …and a little less with computers. Kelly O’Briant

12 Lots of things you should use it for… Post all assignments and pertaining information Make announcements, with links to content files such as power points, journal articles and handouts. All students have access to all class materials all the time! (you can enroll yourself into your class, if you want to see exactly what your students see.)

13 Why should you grade on BB? So your students always know, at any given point, how they are doing in the class over all and why they have the grade they have. No surprises for anyone! Make it easy on yourself at the end of the semester! Everything is already uploaded and ready for final submission to the grade register.

14 So you want to grade on BB… Click your class on blackboard: 3D Design…for example.

15 It opens to your announcements page…

16 Click on grade center

17 Then, click Full grade center…

18 There is your class!

19 Now you can make columns for each project. Click Create column…

20 Type in the project name…

21 Grade type and total possible points… I find students need and want to see a letter grade!

22 You can also make columns for things that are not graded, like the SOA Health and Safety quiz! In this case, it has no baring on their grade, but they want a check mark, so they generally complete the quiz.

23 Click submit at the bottom of the page. Then you will see you new column.

24 Want to let everyone see their grades at the same time? Hide the column to users until you are finished grading.

25 To be sure, exit screen reader mode, then go back into it and look for the red hash mark.

26 To begin grading a project, click on view grade details. 1 2

27 Your first student’s name comes up… enter her grade, and any comments or rubric into feedback to user area. This is where you can paste in your rubric or write comments.

28 Click submit at the bottom right, be patient. Click the arrow to go onto the next student. Click here to view your comments…

29 Or, you can view full comment to make sure everything is how you want it.

30 Don’t forget to show the column to users when you are finished grading!

31 Using BB throughout the semester, allows the student, and you, to see how she/he is doing, at any given time, in the Totals column...both in numbers and letters.

32 At any given point in the semester, everyone knows where they stand. At the end of the semester, final grades are a snap. If you need to make adjustments for extra credit or attendance, you can do that based on these scores. The final semester grade for each person is then loaded into the system…

33 Click Faculty, the book icon, then Grade Roster… 1 2 3 1

34 This is where you enter the student’s final grade at the end of the semester.

35 Don’t forget to press save! Congratulations, You’re all done! (and don’t worry, I’ll post this on the wiki!)

36 Blackboard help

37 Lots and lots of tutorials and step by step information.

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