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Unit 5 – Organizing Skills

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1 Unit 5 – Organizing Skills
Organizing & Work, Organizational Structure, Understanding Work Groups, and Working with Employees… What is the difference between power and authority? Why do you think most organizations divide their employees into departments? What kind of group norms does your group of friends set for each other? Find Spring’09 SMG Company’s Organizational Chart

2 In this section: Businesses must organize their workers to get the highest level of productivity possible. This section discusses: What Is an Organization? Why do Businesses Organize Their Workforce? What Makes an Organization Effective?

3 What You’ll Learn How organizing helps groups of people achieve results they could not achieve individually. Three reasons why businesses organize workforces. Nine characteristics of successful organizations. How businesses prevent workers from losing interest in highly specialized jobs. Why businesses decentralize their operations..

4 Why It’s Important Without a well-defined organization, no business can be successful.

5 Key Terms organization • job rotation authority • job scope
chain of command • job depth division of labor

6 What Is an Organization?
An organization is a group of people working together in a coordinated effort to reach certain goals.

7 ++ Annual Report, Company Website, E-mail Them ++
Mapping Out Organization – (Top Down Analysis) ++ Annual Report, Company Website, Them ++ Slide#1 – Introduce Company Overview (Notespages) Slide#2 – Agenda Slide#3 – Board of Directors Chairman of the Board with each member…bios., role, tenure, how will each board member help your company succeed, special skills or knowledge each board member bring to your organization. PowerPoint Presentation...

8 Why Do Businesses Organize Their Workforces?
To establish lines of authority To improve productivity To improve communication

9 Improving Productivity
Companies improve workers’ productivity through: specialization of tasks job rotation job scope job depth

10 What Makes an Organization Effective?
Knowing your customers and responding to their needs. Decentralization—managers at all levels make decisions. Fdshjklhgklghk Stehgkl;rthjtryi


12 Fact and Idea Review 1. List and explain the three benefits of organizing. 2. Why do businesses organize their workforces? 3. Describe four characteristics of well-organized companies. 4. What is job scope? Why is it important? 5. True or False—Businesses are more centralized today than they were 100 years ago.

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