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20:01. Our country Vidin - Geographic position History Vidin today “A school as a Space” Future For town’s visitors 20:01.

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1 20:01

2 Our country Vidin - Geographic position History Vidin today “A school as a Space” Future For town’s visitors 20:01

3 This is our country - Bulgaria

4 flag MenuEnd Show Bulgaria President Georgi Parvanov Prime Minister Boiko Borisov Management – Parliamentary republic Official language – Bulgarian Capital – Sofia

5 Anthem of the Republic of Bulgaria Горда Стара планина, до ней Дунава синей, слънце Тракия огрява, над Пирина пламеней. Мила Родино, ти си земен рай, твойта хубост, твойта прелест, ах, те нямат край. Gorda Stara planina, do nei Dunava sinei, slantse Trakiia ogriava, nad Pirina plamenei. Mila Rodino, ti si zemen rai, tvoita hubost, tvoita prelest, ah, te njamat krai. Proud Stara Planina Mountain, Blue Danube river by its side, Sun shining over Thrace, Over Mount Pirin in a fiery way. Beloved Homeland, You are a paradise on earth, Your beauty, your magic, Oh, they have no end!

6 Bulgarian alphabet (българска азбука) Bulgarian is a Southern Slavic language with about 12 million speakers mainly in Bulgaria, but also in Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany and Spain. Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet has 30 letters and is recognized as the third official alphabet of the European Union.


8 Bulgarian Kazanluk rose ("Kazanlashka roza") Bulgaria is one of the biggest producers of rose oil in the world. The reason for this is hidden in the high qualities of the Bulgarian Kazanluk rose

9 Vidin region is situated in the North-West part of the Republic Bulgaria on the two of the most specific curves of the Danube river, where the river is flowing from North to South. 20:01

10 Vidin is near Serbia and next to Romania. 20:01

11 The ferry transports passengers and cargo daily from and to Kalafat. MenuEnd Show 20:01

12 Having been found in the III century b.c., Vidin has built up it’s appearance through the centuries. Subsequently, Vidin has been named Bononia, Budin and Bdin. 20:01

13  “Baba Vida” is surrounded by a ditch, which used to be filled with water from the Danube river, and the bridge was movable.  Nowadays in the fortress is situated the Summer theater, where the traditional Vidin’s Arts Days are performed. 20:01 The “Baba Vida” fortress is the thing for which Vidin is most famous about. It’s building has begun in the X th century

14 “Konaka” Museum The “Konaka” Museum is adorable with it’s Renaissance’s architecture and it’s abundant exposition of items from the Prehistorical period till nowadays. 20:01

15 Proofs of the ethnical tolerance through the ages are the situated close to each other:  The church of “St. Pantaleymon”, built in 15 th century  Osman Pazvantoglou’s Mosque  Jewish Synagogue MenuEnd Show 20:01

16 is a modern city, combining altogether: the traditions of the past, the spirit of the present... 20:01

17 ... and the romance of the beautiful blue Danube.

18 The town’s park is a favorite place for relaxation for the citizens MenuEnd Show 20:01

19 This is how the students of one of the biggest schools in Vidin called SOU “Luben Karavelov” 20:01

20 There, under the leadership of an ambitious director and talented teachers, more than 700 students study in cozy rooms and pleasant atmosphere. 20:01

21 is founded in 1910. is named after a famous Bulgarian writer and revolutionary from 1984 it has a new modern building which occupies four dеcаres area, with its building on four floors and two gyms and schoolyards. It is a big school with 60 people staff and 700 students. They start school at the age of 6 and learn there till they become 14.

22 has got talented teachers and students One of these teachers - Krassimir Mihaylov - wrote our school anthem – the song “Moe uchilishte”, which you are listening at the moment Has beautiful uniforms for our pupils

23 Celebrated 100-years anniversary in May, 2010

24 Her name is Lyubka Naydenova. She is very intelligent and hard- working. She also teaches history to 6 graders. We all like and respect her.

25 Like to study

26 Like to play sport and games

27 Like to work on projects

28 Like our school radio and TV

29 Like to take care about the cleanness of our school

30 Like to have excursions in the countryside

31 Like to have fun

32 In our Universe-School are situated an Educational Museum and an Ecology Museum. End Show Menu 20:01

33 We all are looking forward the activities of our Comenius project

34 End Show 20:01 Menu The challenges of the future In 2007 began the building of a second Danube bridge near Vidin, which is planned to connect Bulgaria to Europe.

35 20:01 If you are about to visit Vidin, you can stay in the "Anna-Kristina" hotel. Situated in the town's park, it offers coziness and comfort.

36 The Belogradchik Rocks - Belogradchishki skali group of bizarre sandstone and limestone rock formations, an impressive nature phenomenon only 50 km away from the town of VIDIN

37 It was Bulgarian nomination for the new 7 nature wonders of the world

38 20:01

39 The team of the project GREEN WORLD AROUND US Lyuben Karavelov School, Vidin, Bulgaria, 2010

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