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Body Waste Management Device A Business Opportunity

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1 Body Waste Management Device A Business Opportunity
Tisteron Ltd) New Body Waste Management Device A Business Opportunity

2 Background Tisteron Ltd, Israel
Company established to develop, patent & license the Body Waste Management Device idea Ron Chen, Founder & Inventor - Israel Moshe Goldwasser, Inventor/Consultant – Retired CEO of Avgol Inc.

3 Background YNC – Yoav Nir Consulting Prominent Achievements
Tisteron Ltd (CONFIDENTIAL) Background YNC – Yoav Nir Consulting Independent consultant specialist for the Nonwoven and disposable absorbent industry.                                  Registered mentor with the Israeli Ministry of Industry & Trade Certified business master coach (MCI & EMCI) Former COO and then for 15 years CEO of a privately held company that produces and markets disposable absorbent products. Prominent Achievements Competing successfully against multinational consumer product giants Successfully running the company during times of war Bringing the company from a state of bankruptcy to success Leading major business strategy changes

4 Background (Shlomo Eylath)
Tisteron Ltd Background (Shlomo Eylath) Shlomo Eylath is a consultant with Tisteron regarding strategic business decisions and business development. Founder of Shlomo Eylath Holdings Ltd., a private company which focuses on management & consulting services including M&A, turnaround and recovery plans. Also serves on boards of numerous companies Co-founder of ColBar Life Science [160M$ exit to J&J] Former CEO Koor Food and Consumer Goods Ltd. (The largest food conglomerate in Israel) Former CEO Koor-Trade UK Ltd.

5 Tisteron Ltd Product patent A DISPOSABLE WASTE CONTAINMENT ARTICLE AND A COMBINATION OF TWO ARTICLES WORN SIMULTANEOUSLY CIP of Provisional Application Filed: Full patent filed: Granted April 19, 2011, Patent No US B2.pdf Individual use of articles; Liquid-impermeable outer layers, perimeter seal inward from outer perimeter; Pulp-less absorbent layer; Aperture for body waste intake; Adhesive for securing to body; Examiner recommended that a two-piece system be separated from patent and become a separate application. Tisteron submitted a separate application, which is expected to be granted. Tisteron has also applied for PCT and approval is still pending.

6 PCT & Other countries where patent was filed

7 Separate body waste collection
Tisteron Ltd Product Concept Separate body waste collection Articles worn singly or in tandem – Separate patent pending Feces (bacteria) separated from urine Only soiled device has to be changed Support undergarment envisioned

8 Product concept (continued)
Tisteron Ltd Product concept (continued) Attaches w/gentle adhesive surrounding orifice, sealing article(s) to body Less skin area to cleanse Odors and fecal matter captured in “sealed” containers Very thin and expands as fills Very soft & compliant to shape of body Simple manufacturing envisioned

9 Tisteron Ltd Observation trials Carried out in geriatric ward of a leading nursing home in Israel, overseen by Mr. Goldwasser & Dr. Korshun The conclusion of trials in the nursing home was that the product is most effective for independent users suffering from incontinence One of the best nursing homes in Israel.

10 Observation Trial – Independent Patients
Tisteron Ltd Observation Trial – Independent Patients Suitable for collection of body waste by independent patients Users can replace devices themselves independently more easily than a diaper when needed More comfortable than diaper & releases less odors

11 Observation Trial – Independent Patients
Tisteron Ltd Observation Trial – Independent Patients Better protection against leakage (seepage) when attached properly Less skin irritation, even with sensitive skin Hydro gel adhesive functions even in the presence of contaminants

12 Benefits/Advantages – User/Patient
Tisteron Ltd Benefits/Advantages – User/Patient Dignity Less leakage Less odor (waste totally contained) Less exposure of private parts (genitalia) Comfort Easily applied and removed (Hydro gel adhesive) Low bulk Enhanced mobility Almost unnoticeable under clothing Healthier, less damage to skin (Hydro gel adhesive/less skin exposed to waste) Easily applied and removed Less exposure to body waste Less patient care cost, due to: Longer wear time Less space required for storage & disposal Less skin health care expenses

13 Benefits/Advantages – Purchaser/Institution
Tisteron Ltd Benefits/Advantages – Purchaser/Institution Reduced Cost Fewer devices used per day by patient Less space required for new product warehousing Less labor required for: Changes Clean-up Laundry Fewer dermatological problems Less waste for disposal Patients & caregivers are more content Less foul atmospheric aromas in wards Improved market competitiveness (more advantageous for patient/family)

14 Benefits/Advantages – Caregiver
Tisteron Ltd Benefits/Advantages – Caregiver Easily applied and removed Less bulky Less patient maneuvering required Less clean-up Skin Garments Bedding Less leakage and odors after use Used device totally enclosed in sealed bag Less dermatological issues Lower costs

15 Benefits/Advantages – Society
Tisteron Ltd Benefits/Advantages – Society User’s dignity Preserved “Green” product Less raw material consumed Less waste for disposal Use of “Green” materials in specifications & claims Low volume, hence less transportation/unit, etc. Fewer trucks Less fuel Less storage space In summary – less costs with regard to: Overall patient care Materials, waste, transportation, storage, health, labor, etc.

16 Other possible applications
Tisteron Ltd Other possible applications Example of use during carotid artery operation – replacing catheter

17 Proposed Improvements
Tisteron Ltd Proposed Improvements Redesign apertures’ size and location Redesign adhesive aperture measurements Design devices with various containment volume capacity Redesign device shape for better fit & convenience

18 Production Process – main steps
Tisteron Ltd Production Process – main steps Absorbent layer carrier/over wrap feeding Glue application SAP application Over wrap folding Absorbent layer sealing & cutting Top sheet feed Hydro gel sticker cutting & application Cutting out aperture Backsheet feed Front & Backsheet merge Glue, seal & cut Product group completed & stacked (folded or unfolded) Packaging

19 Costing (Assumptions)
Tisteron Ltd Costing (Assumptions) 2 Lines Lines 1 2 3 4 Investment $1,500,000 $3,000,000 $4,500,000 $6,000,000 Shifts Daily Capacity (85% efficiency) 183,600 367,200 550800 734,400 1,468,800 550,800 1,101,600 2,203,200 Area required (Sqm) 1200 2000 3000 4000 Rent (Inc. Municipals) $/Sqm $7.00 Working days per month 25 Interest rate 5% Years 5 Working Capital Financing period Months Direct labor As calculated Manufacturing cost On sales 3.5% Distribution, Sales 12.0% G&A 1.50% Hourly Machine Capacity Speed (units/minute) 450 Hours/shift 8 Efficiency 85%

20 New business opportunity Novel solution to real need
Summary Tisteron Ltd New business opportunity Novel solution to real need Patents granted & pending Products assembled from readily available resources/technology Optimization & commercialization open for discussion

21 Tisteron Ltd Thank You

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